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The Bold And The Beautiful: Thomas Gets Exposed For His Manipulations

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Thomas’ manipulations have finally been exposed at his own wedding, no less! Let’s break it down!

Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Thomas Forrester believed he was untouchable. Though, he never thought his dream woman would be his downfall due to his own manipulations. In today’s fast-tracked (in Australia) The Bold and the Beautiful, Hope pushes forward with her plan to destroy the man who has ruined so many lives.

We’ve spoke before how Thomas’ exposure was going to be his downfall. Now, we’re just eating up every moment of this. We wouldn’t normally write a breakdown for this, but we felt we needed to for anyone who can’t access to the episode.

Leaving Zoe At The Altar And Brooke Pleads With Hope

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We get a 20-second recap of yesterday before it continues with today’s epic drama. Hope begins to walk down the aisle with Douglas at her side. Thomas dumps Zoe like she’s a piece of toilet paper stuck to his fancy shoes. He explains to her that he needs to be with the mother of his child. This leads to a slap to the face from Zoe. His manipulations aren’t clear to everyone just yet, but it’s obvious Carter doesn’t have any love for him. It’s as if he knew something like this would happen.

We’re just going to skip over Bill and Wyatt’s conversations and we’re just going to continue with the fake wedding. They know as well as anyone that Thomas will use manipulations to get what he wants.

Back at the wedding, Brooke – not knowing the plan – begs her daughter not to marry Thomas. Hope tells her mother she has everything under control.

Thomas butts in and says Brooke doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Not realising his true colours are showing through, he expresses that her daughter is standing before him wanting to marry and to be a family. He even goes on about how beautiful she looks in that horrid dress.

Hope, on the other hand, waits for her cue to expose his manipulations. She sees her chance when moves to embrace her, telling her that he never stopped loving her. Knowing he’s full of crap, she pushes him away saying she doesn’t want to marry him. She wants to expose him. To drive the point home, she tells him that Steffy told her and Liam everything.

Hope Exposes Thomas’ Manipulations

Thomas doesn’t want to believe his own sister would rat him out and says Hope doesn’t know what she’s going on about. This gives Brooke’s daughter the leverage she needs to get out everything she needs to.

She exposes that he’s been using Douglas and feeding off his insecurities and telling his little boy that Zoe will replace her as his mother just to get her [Hope] to marry him.

This is where Ridge asks if what Hope is saying is true. Thomas, of course gives his father the flipside, saying none of what Hope is saying is true and it’s all a massive misunderstanding.

Thomas then tries to cover his tracks by telling Zoe to tell them it’s all lies. This backfires when the furious bride tells him she thought Hope was wrong. but she realised then and there that she is very right. He won’t be marrying either of them.

Zoe’s Rant

Zoe, manipulations
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Pissed that the man of her dreams would use her, Zoe goes on about how she questions if there was ever a relationship and whether Thomas ever loved her. She even admits her disgust at his now obvious obsession with Hope and that she feels gullible for believing him.

She goes on the record saying Hope went to her about the plan. Realising Thomas didn’t love her, she got onboard to expose to manipulator he really is. To Zoe’s credit, says she thanks god she didn’t marry him and she’s eternally grateful to Hope for saving her.

Thomas then turns to Hope and begs her not to mean any of what’s going on. When he doesn’t get the answer he wants, he looks back to Zoe and tries to cover himself again. He tries to tell her that he was ready to marry her and that they can move past it. We give Zoe massive kudos for telling her now ex-beau that he’s actually out of his mind if he thinks she’s going to forgive him.

Zoe says she will never be someone else’s consolation prize. Steffy looks almost scared that this whole thing will collapse in on itself. The saddest part for Zoe is she loves Thomas. She also thought they’d spend the rest of their lives together. She even mentions how she and Douglas were just pawns in his game.

To prove that Thomas messed up big time, Zoe moves to stand with Hope. she declares that he will NEVER take advantage of her or Hope again. To see the light of victory go out of Thomas’ eyes was really something to see.

It’s Game Over, Thomas

Thomas tries to pull everyone back onto his side, but Liam jumps in and says to give it up as no one believes him. Steffy confirms Hope was right about her [Steffy] explaining his manipulations to her and Liam.

In an attempt to repel the blame, Thomas says she’s his sister and that she’s meant to be on his side. Ridge, having finally seeing through the smokescreen, tells him to shut up.

Steffy continues to explain that after she’d explained everything to Hope, they and Liam formulated the perfect plan to bust him. She squares off with her brother, telling him Hope is no fool. It’s also said that she [Hope] knew the dress wasn’t designed to be the showstopper for her fashion line. It was created as part of his plan to wed her. Steffy also reveals Hope had the dress delivered to the house so she could put the gown on to expose him.

Thomas tries and fails to call Steffy out for the scheme. He expresses his disgust that the whole family was in on the plan. His sister doesn’t stop in calling him out. She throws back in his face that all she’s done is defend him to Ridge and he [Ridge] has also defended him to everyone else. She adds that because of his manipulations, he basically destroyed their father and Brooke’s marriage because of his lies.

“I Did All This For Douglas!”

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Thomas claims to love his son, but it’s obvious that he’s only did what he did, for himself. He even had the gall to bring up Douglas’ reaction to when he was marrying Zoe and that it killed the little guy. Ranting, he says his son wanted to be a three person family with Hope. Then he actually notices Douglas is missing and asks where he is.

Douglas emerges and his father tries to lay on the charm and tries to manipulate him into telling everyone about his ‘dream’. All of a sudden, Vinny jumps up and tells his BFF not to put his kid on the spot. Thomas is in total disbelief that his best friend would call him out in front of his family.

Liam makes it known that they don’t want him lying to them. Zoe agrees and says Thomas bought the whole thing on himself. Brooke adds that he has no one to blame but him. He vents that he’s been humiliated in front of his entire family. Thomas turns to Douglas and ‘apologises’ for him seeing the current manipulations play out.

Hope tells him Douglas is fine as they had a long talk upstairs (offscreen) and she explained why she wouldn’t marry his daddy and why Zoe couldn’t either. She twists the knife even deeper by telling Thomas that Douglas told her about the whole threatening to have Zoe replace her as his mother if she [Hope] didn’t marry him.

Douglas speaks up and tells his father it was wrong of him to lie to Hope and Zoe. He even says it was wrong of his daddy to tell him he was going to lose another mother. Thomas says he was trying to give him what he wanted; a family with Hope.

Liam is right in telling his adversary that he shouldn’t be treating his son like a fishing lure. He is met by a shut up but Steffy jumps in and says Liam, Hope, Zoe, and Brooke were all correct. Brooke says it’s time for her stepson to take some accountability for what he’s done.

So, Everyone Kinda Hates Thomas’ Guts Right Now

Reckoning; manipulations
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As Thomas complains that everyone now hates him, Douglas speaks again and he does not expect what comes next. The courageous little boy says he wants to be a family with Hope, Liam, and Beth and NOT his father. He also states he’s happiest at the cabin with those who love him the most.

Eric and Quinn both speak up this time and express their disappointment in him. His grandfather then asks if the whole thing was a ploy to get Hope. Of course, Thomas denies it and says his granddad know who he really is. Steffy says on behalf of the family, they’re all disappointed in Thomas right now. Well, no shit! His manipulations are not doing him any favors now and he knows it.

Liam says he was right about Thomas from the start. He [Liam] can be dismissed and ridiculed, but it only strengthens the type of person the Forrester heir is. He even explains why he, Hope and Steffy had to do it the way they did because no one else would listen to them. Furthermore, he pushes the blade in deeper when he says he will never stop protecting Hope and that includes Douglas.

Thomas is beyond furious at the suggestion Liam and Hope plan to take his son from him. Liam says it’s not up to him to decide what’s best for the kid and that he heard what the boy said. He even explains why Douglas wants to be with Hope and him.

Douglas’ dream was always to have a family who loved him and Liam and Hope can make that happen. Brooke says Thomas hurt a lot of people with his manipulations and that it was heartbreaking to be away from her husband. She felt guilty about not being able trust Thomas but she had to go with her gut and that he used Zoe and Douglas to get at Hope. She concludes that she’s proud of Hope and Zoe and is just glad the truth is out.

Ridge Lets Loose And Not In A Good Way

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With his faith in his son now shattered, Ridge finally gives Brooke the apology we’ve all been waiting for. Thomas questions his father and says he needs him as he’s been his rock throughout everything.

Ridge says that Thomas is his son and he’s always going to love him and wants what’s best for him. However, he played him and Zoe didn’t deserve to be brokenhearted and had done nothing but love him. He also hates that Douglas was used in his scheme too.

Thomas starts to cry as he never thought he would be caught and called out by anyone, especially his father. Hope steps forward and questions if the tears are real. She takes one last dig at him and says he’s not capable of real emotion, doesn’t know how to love and that he will NEVER have her. Thomas than leaves the house in tears.

Liam picks Douglas up as he and Hope embrace him.


Wow! What an episode! Normally, we’d complain about the one-sidedness of the story but this was amazing to watch. Everyone did such as an incredible job. Here’s a few takeaways we found:

  • Steffy does have a heart and doesn’t want her nephew to be raised in an abusive home and wants him to be happy with Hope and Liam.
  • Zoe played her part well in the scheme. She wanted to expose Thomas but clung to the hope that he wouldn’t discard her for Hope.
  • Brooke and Ridge get back together… ugh! Though, this won’t last long with everything that happens next week with Shauna and Quinn.
  • Vinny sided with the Forresters and Logans as he hated what Thomas was doing to his son.
  • Douglas can make up his own mind on how he lives his life even if he is only six-years-old.

Heads Up About Next Week!

Now, next week will be a little weird as there will only be three episodes due to the election thingy going on in the States.

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