Why People Are Mad About Meghan’s Book ‘The Bench’


There’s a reason why people are mad about the upcoming publication of ‘The Bench’…

We recently found an article on from someone who has trouble understanding why people are mad about Meghan Markle’s upcoming children’s book entitled ‘The Bench’. If it were any other royal, it would be fine as they wouldn’t profit from their work, their chosen charity would. Look at The Duchess of Cambridge’s ‘Hold Still’ coffee table book. She gets none of the money as it all goes to either National Portrait Gallery or the mental health charity, Mind.

Now, onto the reason why people are really upset and why they’re ‘snippy’. Everything Meghan does is about profit to fill her and Prince Harry’s pockets. They’re millionaires who live in a $14 million mansion in a supposedly gated community in California. She might claim to be a ‘humanitarian’, but she only became one like the year or the year before she met Harry. If she were one, she would’ve been so like 10 to 15 years previously.

With the narrative of ‘The Bench’, it talks about father-son relationships; something Meghan doesn’t understand. She dragged Harry away from his whole family, especially Prince Charles who was nice enough to walk her down the aisle when her own father could not. They both than claimed the royals were ‘racist’ because of a conversation that had nothing to do with race and had been twisted by a certain someone.

The reason people are so mad over this book is because Meghan has no understanding of any form of familial relationship. She ghosted her own father and then went on to claim she had no siblings when there are photos of her with Samantha and they had a close bond. There are also photos of her a teenager with her two nephews, Tyler and Thomas who are the sons of her half-brother, Tom Junior.

The Military Quip

What really takes the cake is how she claims that the illustration of the red-haired dad in the military uniform was to ‘symbolise’ how much Harry missed the military. Umm… you and your husband should have considered this before you left the UK. He knew what the consequences were if he didn’t go back, but no. You convinced him that his grandmother was bluffing and that she wouldn’t strip him of his beloved military honours. Sorry, but when Her Majesty says you can’t have it both ways, she means it.

Meghan has no idea what it’s like to be a military wife. She wasn’t even around when Harry was in the army. She should’ve asked Catherine what it was like… oh, wait. Markle hates her [Catherine] guts… for what reason, exactly? Kate understands it because William was a helicopter pilot and was in the Air Force. So, she understands having a husband in this sort of career. She also supported him. We doubt very much the Duchess of Sussex would want Harry so far away from her so he cannot be corrupted against her.

From A Mother’s Perspective

Despite ‘The Bench’ being about father-son relationships, the book still about Meghan as she says it is told from the perspective of a mother. Who in their right mind publishes a children book supposedly about relationships between dads and their boys when the actual star of the story is themselves?

If Meghan had actually intended for the book to about fathers and their sons, it would be be written from the dad’s point of view. Not from the mum’s.

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