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Home And Away: Mac Overexerts Herself!


Mac overexerts herself as she tries to hide pain she is feeling…

The last few weeks have been really difficult for Mac. First she finds out she’s pregnant with Ari’s child but before this, he breaks up with her to go back to his ex- partner, Mia. The business owner struggles to make a decision about the fate of her unborn child. Ultimately, her plan to have an abortion is taken out of her hands when she suffers an Ectopic Pregnancy and Tori has her rushed into surgery. Dean, Mac’s brother is by her side the whole time and becomes increasingly worried about her. However, this week, we see her as she overexerts herself to escape her pain and it lands her back in hospital.

She overexerts herself as she tries to push forward with herself post-Ari despite Tori telling her she needs to rest. Those around her including Ari’s brother Tane, housemate Ziggy and Dean are worried about her. What makes this even harder to fathom is that Mac has lost a lot.

She returns to work despite Tori telling her not to as it is her way of ignoring the pain. Everything is leaving her exhausted but she needs the distraction. However, it becomes too much and she collapses. Thankfully, Tane and Ziggy are there to catch her before has a chance to hit the ground.

What it makes it worse for Mac is she cannot escape Ari. The downside of living in a small town which only has one place to drink booze. It should be nodded as well, that he still has no idea she was ever pregnant with his child. After all, Mia promised to keep her mouth shut. However, the restaurant owner was in no mood to talk to her rival when she saw her at the hospital.

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