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Home And Away: Mac Suffers An Ectopic Pregnancy


Mac’s life is in shambles at the moment and to make it worse, she suffers an ectopic pregnancy…

[CAUTION: This post discusses pregnancy loss – READER DISCRETION ADVISED]

For weeks now Mac has struggled with the sudden breakup of her relationship with Ari as per Back to the Bay. Not long after this, she discovers she’s pregnant with his child and the only people that knew were her housemate and friend Ziggy, her brother Dean, and Tane, Ari’s brother. Not knowing what to do, she decides to have an abortion but can’t decide whether she should tell her ex or not. However, in today’s triple episode, the choice of what do to is made for her when she suffers an ectopic pregnancy.

After spending the night at home alone, Mac suddenly collapses. We initially thought last week that she miscarries the child, but this turn out to be far worse as an ectopic pregnancy can be fatal if not caught in time. As she fights to get to the phone to call someone, she manages to get ahold of Dean before she passes out.

Worried, Dean rushes to Ziggy and Mac’s and finds his sister passed out on the floor of the kitchen. Calling an ambulance the business owner is rushed to hospital where the ectopic pregnancy is revealed. She is then rushed into surgery which is seen by Ari and Mia on their way to a rehab session.

Dean struggles to come up with a convincing lie to keep him from finding out. Tane then covers for him while he [Dean] goes to inform a recently arrived Ziggy of what he knows of his sister’s condition.

When Mac is bought back from surgery, Mia sees this and confronts Ziggy and Tane about what’s going on. Despite being warned, the youngest Parata brother is forced to tell her about the pregnancy. Mia then works out for herself that baby was Ari’s.

Tori Breaks The News To Mac, Mia’s Visit, And Tane’s Apology To Ziggy

Once she’s alert, Tori reveals to Mac what happened and that she lost the baby because of the ectopic pregnancy. She explains what had to be removed. Dean questions whether his sister will be able to have kids. The doc confirms she will be able to conceive again though there is a small chance it might happen again.

After Dean leaves, Mia decides to pay Mac a visit to pay her respects. Though, the restaurant owner is not happy to see her. What Ari’s on-off partner doesn’t know is that Tane told Mac and Ziggy about her and Ari losing their son. She hints at this tragedy when she tries to talk to her rival but is shut out. Though, she promises not to say anything.

When she gets back to Ari, he can see something’s troubling her. Whether she tells him despite telling Mac she wouldn’t is another thing altogether.

At the Surf Club, Tane apologises to Ziggy for telling Mia about Mac’s pregnancy. She doesn’t criticise him for it as he was backed into a corner.

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