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Luna Park Ghost Train Fire: Suspect Possibly An Underworld Figure

luna park ghost train

The Luna Park Ghost Train fire was no accident…

1979 marked a dark day for Sydney. On June 9 1979, a fire broke out on Luna Park’s Ghost Train ride which killed seven people; 6 children and 1 adult. At the time, it got reported to be an accident. However, there is a much darker story. According to the ABC, a known underworld figure, Abe Saffron is believed to be the one responsible.

What’s tragic is the Sydney Underworld figure, dubbed “Mr Sin” got away with the crime because he had help from corrupt Police and politicians. According to former Police who spoke to the ABC documentary EXPOSED, the head detective on the case is believed to be one those corrupt.

In 2007, Anne Buckingham told The Sydney Morning Herald that her uncle who happened to be Abe Saffron was the one who ordered the arson attack on the train. According to Buckingham:

I don’t think people were meant to be killed.

Anne Buckingham on whether people were supposed to die on the Ghost Train

Meanwhile, Anne who was the daughter of Saffron’s sister and business partner, Beryl Buckingham said that despite her uncle denying involvement, he wanted the land. Meanwhile, it’s believed the Underworld figure who died in 2006 was linked to a total of seven other fires.

According to Buckingham, her uncle had a habit to ‘collect things’ indicating he wanted Luna Park for the land. Apparently, Saffron had been after the land for over twenty years. The Ghost Train fire was a way to evict the tenants.

At the time to the SMH’s article’s publication, Ms Buckingham was tight lipped on whether she knew the arson.

Ghost Train Ride – What Happened To It After The Fire?

According to details after the fire, the entirety of Luna Park shut down in order for an investigation. The Police claimed it was just a tragic accident, but eyewitnesses, former staff of the park, the families of the victims and firefighters believe it was arson.

Furthermore, according to another article by the ABC, the Ghost Train had no history of fire.

According to one person, the ride was incredibly popular and the night of the fire, the park was quieter then it would be normally on a Saturday.

The Ghost Train is described as being like an old Toyota that kept running. The ride was constructed in 1935 alongside the rest of the park.

Finally, after the fire, the ride was replaced. Now, The Big Top sits on the site that the Ghost Train once occupied and a plaque sits on the Big Top’s external wall, dedicated to the victims.

Luna Park Today

Luna Park has been operating for a very long time. However, most people who visit the park now will likely not know of the tragedy that unfolded that night.

As someone who has been the park as a teenager, we never knew of what happened until a few years ago. It struck as incredibly creepy, especially when a person dressed a demon was allegedly never found. Even as we type out this post now, we can see the fire leaping up before our eyes and people fleeing in terror. It would have been terrifying for the families who lost love ones to have to wait for information about their whereabouts.

Finally, when hear the name ‘Abe Saffron’ it makes us so mad! He never cared about the people who were occupying the park at the time of the fire. All he wanted was the land… for what purpose?! Seven people DIED that night just because he got greedy. If it were not for him, those people lost would still here now.

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