Why Zara And Mike Tindall’s New Son Will NOT Have A Title


Will Lucas Tindall have a title after Meghan Markle complained about Archie not having one?

Will Lucas Tindall, the son of The Queen’s eldest granddaughter, Zara be given a title? The very simple answer to that is no. He won’t and here’s why. The newest member of the Mountbatten-Windsor clan is not direct line of succession to the throne as per the Mirror.

For those who don’t know much about the British Royal family, let’s have a look at Princess Anne, the mother of Zara and her older brother, Peter Phillips.

As the only daughter of The Queen and Prince Philip, the Princess Royal had more freedom with her life than that of her older brother, Prince Charles. As a female child of the monarch, there was limited chance Anne would ever become monarch. This ultimate means that her children were not required to carry titles. Not to mention this was a decision made by her and her then-husband Mark Phillips in order for them to have a relatively normal life as possible.

Because Peter and Zara were not given titles, they assumed the surname of their father. Also, they do not have security and nor do other royal family members unless they are attending engagements on behalf of The Queen.

The whole reason people have been asking about whether Lucas will have a title relates back to the comment made by Zara’s cousin-in-law, Meghan Markle regarding her own son, Archie not having a moniker.

The Reason Lucas And Archie Don’t Have Titles Is The Same

What Meghan doesn’t understand is Archie isn’t eligible for a princely title. He isn’t a child of the eldest son of the Prince of Wales. However, when Prince Charles becomes king, he will be elevated to such a rank as he will be a grandchild of the monarch rather than a great-grandchild. In a nutshell, Harry and his children are NOT in the direct line of succession. The only ones that are include William and his three children which is why they [George, Charlotte, and Louis] are prince or princess.

The reason Lucas doesn’t have a title is the same reason Archie doesn’t have one. He is not in direct line to the throne. Also, his mother doesn’t have one and neither does his two older sisters, Mia and Lena. Zara was raised without a moniker and never needed one. The same can be said for her kids. Her nieces, Savannah and Isla don’t have them either. Nor do their father, Peter.

How Does Security Work Then?

Meghan appears to think that if you are prince or princess, then you get security. That’s only partly true. The reason Prince Harry and his older brother, William had bodyguards is because as they were growing up, they were directly in line for throne.

While William still is in direct line, Harry is not. When he stepped down from being a senior royal, he lost that privilege. However, it should be noted that not all titled royals have security. The Prince of Kent doesn’t have it. Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie don’t either as theirs was pulled when they turned 21.

Going back to Zara and little Lucas, The Tindalls do not have security. They are private citizens and live as such.

As for Harry and Meghan, why are they so desperate for security when they live in an area in Santa Barbara which can be scouted online by virtually anyone? They wanted to live in a multimillion dollar mansion despite their desire to be private citizens.

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