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The Bold And The Beautiful: Finn And Hope Question Their Significant Others And Thomas Overhears Everything


Oh, Steffy. Love is complicated at the best of times but what about your feelings? Who do you really want?

When you really love someone, you don’t cheat on them. Steffy and Liam have slept together but the Forrester heiress has also done the deed with the hot doc, Finn. Now, she’s pregnant and doesn’t know who the father is. This is the not the first time this has happened.

Remember a couple of years ago when she was pregnant with Kelly? She didn’t know who her daughter’s daddy was after she slept with both Liam and his father, Bill. This ultimately got back to her then-husband and she ended up losing him to Hope though she had no right to her hubby anyway.

Now, she’s now pregnant again and slept with two men around the same time. Why does this have to happen for a second time? Does she not realise that she has a man who is deeply in love with her but she still wants her ex? She can lie to herself all she wants, but she’s not fooling anyone, especially not Hope.

Finn has put his heart on the line and now it could be broken if the baby Steffy is carrying is not his. He has said he still wants to be with her even if he isn’t the father. He would be a great dad regardless of what happens. Though, he would love nothing more to minimise Liam’s involvement in his leading lady’s life. If he had could have his way, he would not be involved in Steffy’s life at all, but he has to be for Kelly’s sake.

How Will Finn React If The Baby Isn’t His?

We’ve spoken before how we think Liam is the father. Brad Bell, the executive producer and head writer of The Bold and the Beautiful has lied to the fans when he said they wouldn’t go back to Steam. Sinn (Steffy and Finn) was heavily promoted on social media, but it hasn’t lasted very long.

Now, we need to consider what Finn’s reaction is going to be if the baby isn’t his. He’s already upset over the idea of Steffy and Liam sleeping together. Now that a child is involved, he’s concerned that his girlfriend still has feelings for her ex-husband. Well, he’s a million percent correct there. It’s obvious she does, she just won’t admit it to ANYONE.

So, if the baby isn’t Finn’s, we suspect that there’s going to be a load of screaming and finger pointing. Though, it also wouldn’t surprise us if someone swaps the results to the paternity test.

Who could do it if it does happen? Something tells us that it could be Thomas or Finn. After all, Tommy boy has a habit doing… questionable things. However, the hot doc has every right to want to swap it. The reason is simple. He would feel he was robbed of a future with Steffy because of her ex-husband.

Should the baby be Finn’s? Yes, for everyone’s sake and that of the audience, we hope so.

Thomas Overhears Everything

Trust Thomas to overhear something he shouldn’t. Though, he was not expecting his sister to be in the middle of another paternity situation. At least he didn’t try to keep the truth from Hope this time. The old version of is would have. If we’re being honest, we are really liking the new him. It’s more… sympathetic. Nice even.

As much as it pains us to say that, it’s true. The old him would be looking for ways to manipulate the situation to benefit himself. Hope might’ve tried to keep the secret from him, but he’s no idiot. Let’s just pray that the whole situation plays out better than it would’ve before Thomas’ brain injury.

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