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The Bold And The Beautiful: Thomas Collapses And Our Issue With Liam

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From Thomas’ collapse to Lope being in trouble due a massive misunderstanding, today’s B&B had it all… literally…

Lope is in massive trouble of breaking up over a misunderstanding on Liam’s part. In the wake of Thomas’ collapse, the waffler vents to baby mama Steffy about how he can never trust Hope again. We as the audience know that the confused villain was not kissing the real Logan heiress, but the look-a-like mannequin whom he deems ‘evil’.

Anyway, this lead Liam to jump straight into Steffy’s bed while she is in a committed relationship with hot doc Finn. So, they both cheated on their significant others… why doesn’t that surprise us? Anyway, we’ve discussed a lot of this before and this time.

Hope has always had a massive heart and Steffy always took advantage of that by stealing away her man. However, this time the Forrester heiress had nothing to do with Liam’s delusions of grandeur, except getting drunk with him getting into bed with him. She didn’t plot to get Lope separated again.

Hope’s Big Heart Is Her Biggest Weakness

Hope as a character was created to be the polar opposite to Steffy and to be the Logan in the dynamic for Liam. Spencer is basically Ridge while Ms Forrester is the Taylor of the equation.

Steffy doesn’t give a damn and is always scheming, much like Taylor while Hope is more like Brooke but doesn’t sleep around like her stepsister does. She is the true heart of Lope but at the same time, it’s often her downfall. There is nothing wrong with wanting to help people, but when it comes to those who have hurt her like Thomas, she will still assist them.

Yes, he is Douglas’ father but Liam is kinda right when he says that there’s other ways to parent together without interacting.

Liam should know how big Hope’s heart is and would never cheat on him. However, his ego is too fragile to realise any of this. He has gone back to Steffy so many times, but if she were to cheat on him, he would go straight back to Hope. He can’t help himself.

Lope Should Just End

Hope doesn’t deserve to be yelled at and punished for something she didn’t do. Liam should’ve gone into the apartment and questioned what was going on. He wouldn’t seen the mannequin and realised it wasn’t his wife. But, no. He cut and run to Steffy and look at what happened.

Sure, Hope had to basically fight Steffy for Liam every time. However, it just isn’t worth it. The Forrester heiress is with Finn now who is going to be devastated when he learns she slept with her ex-husband. Anyway, Lope should just end.

Hope has suffered so much heartache over this one guy that she should just take the kids and run. Liam should feel terrible about everything he has done to her. In fact, Steffy should just dump him too and not allow him to have contact with Kelly. As cruel as that sounds, the man just doesn’t get it. He thinks with his penis, and nothing else.

Steffy and Hope should move in together and be super mothers to their girls and have Kelly and Beth be together all the time. That way, they can bond in a way their mothers never could. Hopefully the back and forth love triangle ends with them and doesn’t carry on.

Fans Are Sick Of Lope And Steam!

While there are some passionate Steffy and Hope fans out there, others want the whole ‘Lope’ and ‘Steam’ pairings to come to an end… permanently. Wasn’t the whole idea of introducing Finn to give the Forrester heiress a release from Liam?

The writers are going backward with their promise to advance at least Steffy’s story. We have no doubts that the actors are frustrated with this too. All they’ve done for the better part of a decade is tell the same story but in different ways which always ends the same way.

If it was any other show, people would be complaining that there’s no development. It would be a great way to get a series cancelled because it’s not pushing boundaries and not pulling ratings.

Lope should no longer exist. Neither should Steam. It’s pointless to root from for a couple when the dude is jumping back and forth. What makes this debacle… if we can call it that… so redundant is the idea that Liam cannot decide on who he wants. He cannot have both of them. If he did, it would be illegal. Oh! Now that would be an awesome storyline to see.

Thomas’ Collapse

Moving away from Lope, Thomas spent the whole episode unconscious. A panicked Hope calls Finn and explains what happened briefly before he arrives at the apartment some time later.

Hope calls 911 before Finn and he rushes over to find his girlfriend’s brother out cold on the floor. She then explains about how she found Thomas prior to his collapse and how he was screaming at the mannequin. Even the hot doc is taken aback as to how similar the doll is to Hope.

The best part would have to be when Hope walks around the mannequin and pushes it over. If only she’d done that with Liam when he accused her of cheating on him.

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