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Looking For Something A Little Different For Lunch? Try China Spice’s Salt and Pepper Chicken

Salt and Pepper Chicken

From the people who bought you Sydney’s best Honey Chicken, China Spice in Australia Square has done it again with their Salt and Pepper Chicken. To avoid the crowds at noon, I decided to take a detour down to Oz Square through the MET Centre at 11:45 am. It felt so good to get out of the office for 10 minutes. Researching pickling takes a toll on you.

I ordered, got my food and headed back to the office, a little sad that my walk was suddenly over. After grabbing my Typo cutlery from my bag, I dug into my lunch. God was it good to have a chance from Honey Chicken. You could tell from the first mouthful that the flavours on the chicken coating were perfectly blended together. You couldn’t tell what was salt and what was pepper. Perfect for Salt and Pepper chicken.

However, the only let down I think it had was that was it was more savory than it was sweet. Though, I am used to having Honey Chicken. Perhaps, I’ll grow accustomed to it later. The Salt and Pepper Chicken had everything you could want. It tastes better with noodles than it does with rice. Like I said in my Honey Chicken article, China Spice makes better noodles than it does fried rice. Though, I think if the noodles had more taste to them, it would have blended better with the chicken.

Please check this incredible meal out and please be kind when you review on the restaurant review sites. We want to support our local food vendors. Not push them into the mud and let them rot. Their businesses deserve more credit.


I would rate China Spice’s Salt and Pepper Chicken  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of five. It might have been five if it blended better with the noodles.

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