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Looking For Honey Chicken? Look No Further Than China Spice!

Nothing says lunchtime quite like Chinese cuisine. I’ve loved Chinese food since my late teens and I think I may be addicted! My favourite is Honey Chicken and I’ve tried it at several different places over the years.

Since I started my Internship at ClassBento, I spent maybe a week trying to find a place that sold Honey Chicken. I wasn’t going to rest until I found one. I was walking around Wynyard endlessly looking for something to eat one day and stumbled across Australia Square across from the MET Centre.

Once I got back to the office, I had to go looking for cutlery as I wasn’t given any when I got my food. When I got home, I told my mum and she said to use the portable cutlery set she bought my sister years ago when she was at school and going on camp. She later went out and bought me my own set from Typo.

The fried rice wasn’t really fried rice. It was like something was missing from it but the chicken was to die for! It reminds of the Honey Chicken at a local Chinese place at Macarthur Square. The next time I got chicken I got noodles instead. They were really yummy. Though, there were white shoots in it and I don’t know if they were sprouts or not so I didn’t eat them.

The great thing about China Spice is you have the choice of one, two or three choices that you can have with either rice or noodles. I get the one choice as it fills me up in no time. One choice is $10, while two choices is $14 and three choices is, I think, $16. I could be wrong on the second and third choices though. The prices are reasonable as its a $1-$2 more than it is in Macarthur. Not too bad.

My main recommendation when you got to China Spice is go before the lunchtime rush.

If I had to rate the Honey Chicken alone, I would give it: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of five. I don’t give 5 stars very often.

[Photo by Me!]

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