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Loki Might Actually Learn His Lesson This Time!

The TVA is going to determine where Loki goes from here…

Let’s get one thing very clear when it comes to Loki. Thor has always overshadowed his brother. Let’s face it, people. He’s better looking, he had a hammer for a weapon… until Hela broke it… oh, and he’s the oldest of Odin’s sons whom everybody adores. But, what does the TVA have to do with this? Well, nothing on the surface. However, in just the premiere of Loki, our favourite trickster god gets a bit of a wake up call that he – at first – refuses to accept.

Mobius M. Mobius forces Loki to confront the reason he exists. Not to be King of Midgard (Asgardian name for Earth), but to throw the world into chaos. We know in Thor: Ragnarok we see a totally different side to Thor’s little brother, but this isn’t the same trickster god who died at Thanos’ hand in Avengers: Infinity War. This is the 2012 one who hasn’t reformed yet.

Despite his attempts to break out of the TVA, Loki is forced to sit and watch what will be his future which begins with the death of his mother, Frigga. While, he refuses to accept that he is the one responsible for what will happen to the one person who he knows loves him, he sees that his father and brother feel the same. What hits him really hard is when he sees he is present when Odin dies with him and Thor present. Of course, hasn’t occurred in the new timeline created by the 2012 Loki.

Seeing how different his life could be, Loki begins to realise that things aren’t going to get better because he is no displaced, hence the reason the TVA picked him up. But can Mobius trust him to do the right thing?

Is Mobius Being Too Trusting Towards Loki?

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That is a question our good friend (and boss) Michael at Bam! Smack! Pow! has asked in his post about five burning questions for episode 2. He questions whether Loki will stay on the path that starts in the first episode after he sees his life flash before his eyes and he can’t do anything that will stop the horrible things from happening. Look at how horrified he was when he saw how Frigga died. He never knew how it happened until now.

While this is horrible, Mobius wasn’t being spiteful when he showed this to Loki. It was his way of getting him to open up on why he is the way he is. Sure, he can say that he needs to be cruel to people as part of his ‘act’ as the god of mischief, but he’s human like everyone else. He has emotions that he thinks need to bury and the TVA agent can see it. That is why he stopped the god from being reset.

Will Loki stab his new ally in the back? Maybe. But, it’s too early to tell.

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