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Bold and the Beautiful: Should The Logans Still Be Antagonising Shauna And Flo?

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The Logans have been through a tough trot this year with the whole Baby Beth situation and the horrors that followed with the Fultons and Thomas. But should the family still be antagonising Storm’s mistress and their daughter?

Beth might be back with her parents but the aftermath is still going on. Flo has provided a kidney after her Aunt Katie goes into kidney failure due to the anti-rejection drugs she was using for her heart. However, the Logans are still going on about the baby swap and how the Fultons are horrible people. It’s been a while since the littlest Spencer was placed in the rightful arms of her birth mother.

Yes, what Flo did was terrible and Shauna telling her to keep quiet was wrong, but the infant is back with Hope. Katie got her kidney and will be fine.  If there’s two people that should take the blame for keeping the baby from her parents, its Buckingham. He stole Beth and put a stillborn in the arms of a mother who mourned when she didn’t need to.

Flo is easily lead by everyone around her. She’s a grown woman who should be able to think for herself. While Brooke antagonising the mother-daughter duo is understandable, is it really necessary?

The Hate Surrounding What Happened With Beth


Okay, the whole Baby Beth situation went on far too long with so many people in the know. Hope’s misery went on for months. She pushed Liam to Steffy so he could be a father to Kelly and Phoebe – who was Beth the whole time. Meanwhile, she married Thomas so Douglas could have a mother after the death of Caroline.

Hope is selfless, but allowing her mother to keep antagonising the women who made her life hell is too much… right? She has every right to be upset with the Fultons. They kept their mouths shut about Beth while the Logan heiress’s life went to hell.

What made it the ultimate betrayal for Hope is how close she had become to Flo. All that time together and not one word. While we understand why she distanced herself from her cousin and calling her Storm’s bastard, it was also uncalled for. Antagonising the woman isn’t wise especially when your stepfather is becoming entwined with the woman that convinced her own child to lie so they could remain in the good graces of their new family.

The Predictable Aftermath

Baby Beth
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When the truth came out, Steffy suffered and lost her adoptive daughter, despite begging her stepsister not to take her baby back. In a nutshell, it was the world’s biggest mess. Thomas, who ordered the secret keepers to keep their mouths shut, lost the woman he claimed to love and his son hated him. It’s clear the two Forrester kids need a massive wakeup call that the world doesn’t revolve around them.

However, the Logans were the ones that suffered the most. They were left mourning one of their own and then Katie collapses and needs a transplant. Talk about a terrible year and to top it off, Storm would be appalled if he knew Flo had kept Hope from Beth.

Of course, Thomas blamed Brooke for keeping him away from his wife and son and his idiot father believes him. For once we’re going to give Steffy credit and say she does not believe a word her brother says. This comes when he didn’t tell her about Phoebe being Beth sooner. His excuse? He saw how happy she looked with the girls and Liam and didn’t want to ruin it. That way, he could keep Hope as his wife, Steffy would have her dream family and Douglas would have a mother. In his mind, everyone won. He didn’t care about Hope’s feelings or what she wanted.

Anyway, the Logans antagonising Shauna and Flo should have stopped the second the orderly wheeled Katie’s donor through that hospital room door. 

Katie’s Transplant


Donna had a point when she said that while she won’t forgive the Fultons for what they did, but she did say she was grateful to her estranged niece for giving her sister another chance at life. She then asked Brooke if that’s what she thought.

It’s clear by the look on Brooke’s face that she does not think the same way. She believes that Shauna is using the situation to get her daughter back into the family fold. While she’s kinda right, Flo’s motives are totally different to her mother’s.

Shauna has two goals: get Flo back into the good graces of the Logan family and snag Ridge for herself. She’s already considering teaming up with Thomas to get what she wants even though he threatened to ruin her daughter’s life. Emotional blackmail is definitely Ridge’s son’s MO. Why can’t it be the sultry older Fulton’s MO too?

Similar Motives

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Shauna hasn’t been shy about her crush on Ridge and Thomas hasn’t shied away from venting his issues with Brooke. He has never liked his stepmother and blames her for the constant breakup of his parents. He would do anything to get rid of her and her sisters and by extension Hope since she’s a Logan.

By recruiting Shauna and the bartender Danny, Tommy boy has managed to split his father and ‘horrid’ stepmother up, but they don’t hate each other like Thomas wants. Danny, is a kind hearted guy who is a part time model and wants to do what he loves. The bastard who thinks he’s a god, blackmails him into telling Brooke that his dad slept with Shauna by breaking the news ‘gently’. As suspected, the Forrester matriarch wasn’t happy and she and Ridge agreed to separate for a short while until things were smoothed over with Steffy and Thomas.

Flo has tried to tell her mother to back off as Ridge is a married man but she doesn’t care and continues to go after him. Ridge is trying hard to resist her but it’s difficult when she keeps popping up to visit him and no slap from Brooke will drive her away.


Do the Logans have a right to antagonise the Fultons? It depends on what your opinions are. If you’re Forrester fan the you’ll probably say the Logans need to go away and stay away. Fans of the Logans will say that Ridge and Shauna deserve each other and that Brooke deserves better. Again, it depends on your perspective.

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