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Lizzie Cundy Thinks Meghan Markle’s Daughter Was Named After Her


Sorry, Lizzie Cundy but we don’t think Meghan Markle named her daughter after you…

Names are funny things, aren’t they? They give us our identities. British television personality, Lizzie Cundy seems to have her own opinion on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s baby name and it has nothing to do with Her Majesty The Queen, according to The Sun.

Lizzie, who was friends with Meghan, believes the former actress is reaching out to her by naming her baby ‘Lilibet’. According to Cundy, her nickname when she was at school was ‘Lilibet’. Now, Ms. Cundy became friends with Markle in 2013 after they attended the same charity dinner.

The moment the now Duchess of Sussex started dating Prince Harry, she dropped Lizzie like she was yesterday’s news. Now, we’re not going to go over what Cundy said in the article because it’s irrelevant. We wanted to give our opinion on her thoughts.

We very much doubt that Meghan would name her daughter after someone she ghosted. Also, it is not in her nature to reach out to people she has dropped. This has become a pattern of Markle’s as it has become obvious over time. Look at what happened with the friends who attended her first wedding to Trevor Engelson. She is no longer is in contact with any of them, especially her former best friend, Ninaki Priddy. Then, there’s her father Thomas and her entire family minus her mother. Let’s not forget Piers Morgan in that equation as well.

It is purely coincidental and nothing more. Perhaps, Lizzie’s nickname comes from The Queen’s as they do share the same first name. Who knows but Meghan didn’t name her baby after a former friend and we doubt she would ‘reach out to apologise’ for ghosting Cundy. Again, it’s not her MO and it never will be.

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