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We Now Know The Name Of The Live-Action Prequel To 2017’s Beauty And The Beast Movie

Little Town

“Little town, it’s a quiet village…”

Well, we did not expect this. We were internet surfing when we came across the title of the prequel to 2017’s Beauty and the Beast movie. It will be called Little Town. Now, if this sounds familiar, it should because the name is derived from the song ‘Belle’.

We’ve come to the party late as the title, according to The DisInsider was unveiled last August. We had no idea as this wasn’t mentioned (to our knowledge) at the 2020 Disney Investor presentation six months ago. Though, the series was.

The series is being developed by Josh Gad who will be returning to play the flamboyant LeFou alongside Edward Kitisis and Adam Horowitz. Now, if the last two sound familiar, you’re on the money.

Edward and Adam worked on Lost and Once Upon A Time so they have plenty of experience with the fantasy world. After all, they did their own version of Beauty and the Beast by making Rumpelstiltskin the beast.

Gad will be joined by Luke Evans who will be reprising his role as the arrogant hunter, Gaston. This is the dude who attempted to woo Belle. Both actors will serve as executive producers on the series while Josh will also join the writing staff as, well, a writer alongside Kitisis and Horowitz.

The original and reboot film’s musical composer, Alan Menken will be returning to the series and will be writing new songs for the show.

Finally, we need to stress that Little Town will be a prequel, meaning BEFORE the movie. How far back it will go we’ll just have to wait and see. When we have more intel, we’ll share it.

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