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Little Douglas Panics When He Sees Thomas Kissing Zoe!

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One kiss and Zoe is on her knees. That’s what Thomas wants, but he wants his son to think he’ll lose Hope.

Thomas is a cruel human being to use Douglas the way he is. First he used the little boy to snag Hope into marriage. Now, he’s making his son fear he’ll lose his adoptive mother if his father marries Zoe. Seeing his dad share a kiss with another woman is enough to send the child into a panic.

The poor kid has been traumatised enough. He lost Caroline to something unavoidable. Douglas was even yelled at by his father for exposing the truth about Beth. Hasn’t he suffered enough?! We’ve got our fingers (and toes) crossed that he doesn’t turn into his old man. Though, his bio mother taught him to always tell the truth. It’s clear that Hope will never replace Caroline in Douglas’s eyes, but she’s just as much his mother as the woman who gave birth to him.

We need to ask the question of how the little boy who was Beth’s saviour will be traumatised in seeing his daddy kiss a woman who is not Hope. For a kid who has experienced enough trauma in his life to last forever, he needs to ditch the toxicity that is his father.

Vinny Calls Thomas Out On His Treatment Of Douglas

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In today’s episode, Vinny continues to call his friend out on using Douglas. Thomas is so confident that his plan to make his child and Hope panic will work. It does when we see Brooke’s daughter look almost jealous at the attention Zoe is getting from her adoptive son’s father. Donna sees this and asks if she’s okay.

What makes this even more disgusting is the way, Thomas talks about Douglas. He treats his kid like a door mat! Caroline would be turning his grave if she could see what her baby daddy is doing to their child! If only her mothers were told what was going on. They’d want full custody their grandson.

Who cares if Ridge swoops in and says ‘Douglas is a Forrester! He belongs with us.’ We can just see Bill’s face go red with anger over this. Yes, the kid’s father is a Forrester, but his mother, his REAL mother is a Spencer. That makes him half of both families.

Vinny should just have the balls to go to Hope or to Brooke or Steffy or Liam about Thomas using Douglas and Zoe. Someone needs to do something before that kid is scarred for life.

Douglas Panics When He Sees Thomas Kiss Zoe

When Douglas sees his father kiss the woman who is not his mother, he panics and clings to Hope. He asks if Zoe is going to be his new mummy and expresses his fear at losing another mum. Hope hugs him, comforting her fearful son and tells him she will always be his mama.

We even see turmoil on Hope’s face too. Though, we won’t see the aftershock of this until tomorrow or maybe never. Thomas has Douglas and Hope exactly where he wants them. He couldn’t give zero fucks about Zoe’s feelings. As Vinny says, Miss Buckingham is simply a consolation prize and he’s right.

When the truth comes out… and it will… Zoe is going to be devastated that she’s second best to Hope. Could she get revenge on her ‘rival’ for ‘stealing’ her man? Who knows and quite frankly, we’re more worried about Douglas’s wellbeing.

Will Thomas Propose?

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Yes, we know. The image above isn’t Thomas proposing to Zoe. According to spoilers, the Forrester heir will propose to the model who covered her father’s ass after he stole Hope’s baby. However, is HopeBethSpencer‘s spoiler is correct, the half-British model will have conditions before she accepts.

We can only guess what the conditions are. One of them would have to be Thomas’s Hope obsession. It had something to do what that, he’ll probably lie about it and say he’s not fixated on his ex-wife. Will Zoe comes to her senses and realise her perfect guy isn’t who he claims to be and is still pining for a woman he can never have? If she’s not, then she’s not at all smart.

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