We Knew This Was Coming When Baby Sussex Arrived…

Meet Baby Lilibet Diana…

So, Baby Sussex has finally arrived and we’re not the least surprised by her name. Lilibet Diana “Lili” Mountbatten-Windsor was born three days ago on Friday in the US (early morning Saturday here in Australia) in a Santa Barbara Hospital. The Archewell website put up a statement (purely for traffic, of course).

Now, it was a no-brainer that Diana would be in there somewhere. We even did a post on whether the baby would be named ‘Diana’. While the Sussex Squad clearly loves the name, they don’t get that ‘Lilibet’ is the nickname of the woman that their god and goddess keep trashing. Us normal people who wish the baby well are scratching our heads as to why Harry and Meghan would name their child after Her Majesty. This comes after the Duke of Sussex criticised his grandmother, late grandfather, and father for their parenting style as it caused ‘genetic pain and suffering’.

Naming the baby after The Queen is just a way of getting back into the royal family’s good graces. Sorry, but it wouldn’t work as Murky Meg stated in her latest video. Our YouTube pal, the lovely Sue Smith said the same thing.

What was weird about the press release as well is how there is obvious information included. It says that Lilibet is the second child for Harry and Meghan (well, duh!) and that Archie is their firstborn. Again, we know this as well as to what his name is. Also, we’re aware of who Princess Diana is. Only people living under a rock wouldn’t know who she was. This is the point that Brittany of the Royal News Network makes in her blog post. Anyone who is anyone will know too that ‘Lilibet’ is the Queen’s nickname.

Whatever Happened To “The Royal Family Is Racist And Hates Meghan?”

While we would NEVER wish ill on a child, we need to ask why Harry and Meghan had the nerve to name their second child after the monarch of an institution they are attempting to destroy. Also, did they not realise that their daughter’s name is basically a copy of their niece, Princess Charlotte? This was bought up by Brittany in her aforementioned post linked above. Lilibet is a form of Elizabeth and we know where the ‘Diana’ bit fits in. So, her name is basically the same as her older cousin but without the ‘Charlotte’ part. Brilliant observation! Hadn’t thought of it that way.

Also, whatever happened to Harry and Meghan’s claims that the royal family is racist. We spoke about this when the Oprah interview came out and how Lady Colin Campbell claims Princess Anne is the ‘racist’ royal but the conversation had nothing to do with race.

Another thing that has been pointed out that the announcement of the arrival of Lilibet falls on the commemoration of D-Day in the UK. However, this time, the Sussexes’ attempt to steal the limelight has actually worked. Usually, it doesn’t. If Harry loves the military so much, why announce his daughter’s arrival on this day?

Also, if Meghan is such a proud woman of colour, then why not give a nod to her own heritage rather than name her second child after The Queen and Princess Diana. Oh… wait. Meghan needs the royal connection for her daughter in order to cash in on it. She’s already done it with Archie with that paparazzi shot that was dropped just minutes before Prince Louis’ birthday portrait was. In the photo, her outfit was put up on Meghan’s Mirror. Also, the products that were associated with her son suddenly became hot items.

Our Thoughts

To round out the end of this post, we what to say, that we thought we’d more excited for the baby’s arrival like we were for Archie. An interesting article by made the point that by naming the infant Lilibet, that it is a reminder of the child’s link to the royal family, the same group of individuals that her parents claim are racist, neglectful, and downright horrible. Sorry, but Harry and Meghan the world’s largest pair of hypocrites.

While the royals were likely touched by the gesture, it doesn’t excuse the last two years of Harry and Meghan’s horrible behaviour. The family will never get to meet Lili or see Archie again so it’s not really worth celebrating unless the Sussexes change their tune which we doubt very much they will.

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