Prince Harry The Liar! His Father DID Give Him Money Last Year


Liar, liar, pants on fire…

Is Prince Harry really that spiteful? He made a claim during the Oprah Interview that he got financially cut off by his family in March 2020 and only had his inheritance from his mother, the late Diana, Princess of Wales to fall back on. However, that’s not what The Sun is reporting. According to the publication, the Daily Mail uncovered that the Prince of Wale had given his son and daughter-in-law money in March of last year to allow them to settle in America after Megxit came into effect. So this proves that the Duke of Sussex is a liar.

Then, there’s the question of how can he and Meghan afford a $14million mansion and the duchess’ thousands of dollars worth of designer outfits, essentials for everyday use like diapers/nappies for Archie and the upcoming new baby, stuff like that. So, if Meg can wear a $4k dress for a television interview then why did Harry claim there wasn’t a lot of money to get his family over to America?

He quite literally has a load of money in his personal savings and Meghan is worth like US$5million in her own right. Does she not remember how much money she had from her acting days and her blog which she had multiple endorsements for? Did she spend all of her life savings on all those trips to the UK to woo her prince? That’s our theory, at least.

Now, we also need to address the massive business ventures that the Sussexes have done; Netflix and Spotify? Harry claims that it was a friend that suggested the streamers. Do we believe this? Not a chance. It would be what Meghan would want him to say. They have a ton of money but want to through Prince Charles under the bus.

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