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The Bold And The Beautiful: Why We Want To Push Liam Under A Bus


Can we push Waffle King Liam Spencer under a bus and just be done with his character?

Liam Spencer is no saint. We’ve said this about his ex-wife, Steffy Forrester as well. It is so nauseating that we have to sit through yet ANOTHER rambling where he apologises to whatever spouse he’s with. There’s only so many times we see him go down on his knees and pray for forgiveness. Also, how can the writers live with themselves in rehashing storylines that have been done at least five times over the last thirty something years? Fans are fed up with everything the king of stringing women along is doing.

Yes, we are well aware that Liam is just a fictional character on a television show. There are men, however, in real life who do string women (or fellas) along just for their own pleasure. It’s sick and do the writers on The Bold and the Beautiful really thing its audience are dense enough to forget what has happened previously?

Liam has gotten so bad that his portrayer, that even Scott Clifton is tired of how his character behaves. We really feel for him. He has to play the storyline as it’s written and he gets zero say in where the plot goes.

For years, Liam has played hard ball with two of the show’s leading ladies. Steffy Forrester and Hope Logan. The guy thinks he is god’s gift to them. He has gotten them pregnant with his daughters but he can never stay with just one woman. He needs to be constantly hanging around the other one. Then, he gets upset when the one he isn’t with tries to move on with another man. You only have to look at his reaction to hot doctor Finn as an example. As his wife has said, he’s jealous of the guy.

Does He Really See Steffy And Hope As His Own Personal Property?

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The sickest part of Liam’s persona is his need to be constantly in the lives of Hope and Steffy. This is something Finn has called him out on, telling him to say in his own lane. The doc has every right to be concerned. After all, Thomas was correct. As much as we don’t like him either, he has been around the block when the heir to Spencer Publications breaks his sister and Hope’s hearts.

Liam is no different to Ridge who has been with enough women to sink a small ocean liner. Honestly, The waffle king’s dad, Bill Spencer is basically a saint though he’s no angel and he’ll admit to that. Hmm. Guess it runs in the family.

When Thomas starts hearing the Hope for the Future mannequin ‘talk’ to him, he ends up kissing it, thinking it’s real. Liam sees this and instead of confronting his rival, he runs straight to Steffy, starts drinking and they end up in bed.

A second example occurred around the time Kelly was conceived. Liam walked out on Steffy when he found the paternity results and she was forced to tell him she’d slept with his father around the same time. However, when he slept with her because of a misunderstanding with Hope, he fell to his knees and begged for her forgiveness.

For the moment, Hope isn’t going to drop everything and forgive him. He did the dirty on her again with her stepsister with whom they have history.

Yes, Steffy slept with him but she’s partly the victim here too. She falls for his act every time as well. However, if she tries to move on with someone else, Liam refuses and says the guy who has taken interest is dodgy. Look at what he said about Finn.

Liam The Control Freak?

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Liam appears to be a control freak too because he thinks he make everything revolve around his desired life; flip flopping between Steffy and Hope. He tries to make his current living arrangements comfortable until the next time something happens and he returns to his former life.

Look at what happened when Beth was thought to be dead. When Hope needed him most, he was spending his time playing happy families with Steffy, Kelly and little ‘Phoebe’ who later turned out to be Beth the whole time. Liam did nothing to stop his ‘beloved’ Hope from spiralling. She pushed him away because she could see how happy he was with his ex-wife.

Hope felt so alone that she believed she was unable to bare a child to full term. This was why she divorced Liam because she thought he would be happier with Steffy because she could give him what he wanted. She sacrificed her happiness for him and look at what happened.

He doesn’t realise that Steffy and Hope actually don’t need him in their lives. They’re not damsels in distress.

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