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The Bold And The Beautiful: Are Steam Meant To Be Together?

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Liam and Steffy have been on and off for years. Has it gotten to the point now where they actual deserve each other?

The writers of The Bold and the Beautiful have gone off on the deep end… again. What the actual hell? If they wanted Liam with Steffy, they should have kept them together. But, no. They wanted someone to be a waffler and so, they made the Spencer men to be just that.

Steffy has been with all the Spencer men, except young Will (ew!). She went after Liam because she’d developed a crush on him before she almost drowned in the bath. This moment lead to a decade of Steam being and on and off. If she did one thing wrong – example being sleeping with Liam and then Bill and not knowing who Kelly’s father was.

Unlike with Liam, Steffy has actually shown some. genuine growth as a character. Before the Baby Swap and Thomas’ obsession with Hope debacle, she actively engaged in drama to get what she wanted. She has since developed a conscience to a certain extent. However, this one night stand with her ex-husband makes us just want to throw our laptops and television controls out the window.

Hope And Finn Need To Dump Their Significant Others

While poor, sweet, hot doc Finn hasn’t experienced the whole Steffy being in love with Liam thing, Hope has. They both need to dump their partners because believe it or not, Thomas was right. As much as we cannot stand the man, he’s correct.

Liam is a waffler and we’ve said this before. Okay, more like a million other times. Steffy got herself drunk and did not think of Finn once when she was having sex with her baby daddy. He is going to be devastated he learns what she did.

Hope and Finn should just hook up. We said this yesterday too. Did anyone notice that the hot doc went straight to Liam’s wife to discuss Thomas instead of going to Steffy? We’ve got our fingers crossed that this becomes something more, but we’re not betting on it.

Honestly, Hope and Finn deserve better. Let Liam and Steffy be together. They’re basically each other’s destinies anyway… oh, god! We’re quoting Brooke and Ridge.

Is There A ‘Who’s The Daddy?’ Storyline Coming?

Paternity storylines have been done a million times before, but at least they’re not over done like the love triangles are. From memory, there’s been a couple that we’re aware of that have been major in shaping who characters on The Bold and the Beautiful have become now.

There was one when Brooke was pregnant with Bridget and it was believed Ridge was her father when she was actually Eric’s daughter. Steffy was even involved in one where she didn’t know who Kelly’s daddy was. This was something we mentioned earlier.

Now, if you only follow the show and not the actors’ personal lives, you may not be aware that Jacqueline MacInnes Wood who plays Steffy is pregnant with her second child. Her first pregnancy wasn’t written into the series, but there’s a chance her second one might be. This would make it easier because she wouldn’t have to hide behind anything or be constantly sitting down.

Was the one night stand part of this stupid storyline just a way of getting Liam to be the father of a potential baby? We know Finn is also up there as daddy material because he stays at the house a couple of times a week.

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