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Liam-Obsessed Much, Steffy? The Hypocritical Views Of The Forrester Heiress


Bold and the Beautiful has gone back to its old roots and have had Steffy and Hope back at each other’s throats. They’ve fought over Beth and they’re still fighting over Liam… sigh….

Steffy Forrester just can’t help herself. Since she’s become a mother, her attitude towards her stepsister, Hope Logan hasn’t changed. The heiress to Forrester Creations is still an entitled brat who believes she has the right to steal everything she gets her hands on. She’s territorial when there’s no need to be and she’s blinded by her father’s unwillingness to look at all the bad things she and her brother have done over the years. What’s annoying is the woman thinks she has a claim over Liam Spencer.

Yes, the on-off couple have a daughter together and Steffy got pregnant before Hope did, but she forgets all the betrayals she’s thrown Liam’s way such as sleeping with Bill. She’s also a man-stealer like her mother. Now, to all those Team Steffy fans out there that say otherwise, just hear us out.

Long Before The Gondola And The Ill-Fated Motorcycle Accident

[Credit: Hope vs Steffy Liam vs Wyatt]

Liam first caught Steffy’s wandering eye when he was with Hope. The Logan heiress helped him find out who his father was.

Every time Hope had a boyfriend, her rival would swoop in and take him. However, she didn’t get Owen or Oliver even though Bridget’s baby daddy wasn’t with Hope.

When Steffy discovered she was carrying Liam’s baby, she thought she’d snagged him forever, pulling Bill’s son away from her longtime frenemy. The doctor told her not to ride her motorcycle whilst expecting. She didn’t listen, believing she knew best. Tragedy strikes and she’s gets into an accident. This caused her grief and was told she was infertile and couldn’t have another child. She left Los Angeles but returned a few years later to take back ‘her man’.

Clashing With Hope

Steffy; Hope; Liam
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Steffy thinks everyone has to bow down to her because she’s Stephanie Forrester’s granddaughter and Ridge’s daughter. However, what she and brother forget is they are NOT true Forresters. They are Marones as their father is the illegitimate son of Massimo Marone.

Whenever Rick and Thorne come in, they mention their brother’s status as a Marone. As far as Eric is concerned, Ridge is still his son despite the lack of genetics. In regards to her relationship with Hope, Steffy has taken all her boyfriends from her, except Thomas. She sees one of them and takes them. Simple as that and she even tried to seduce Owen Knight away from Jackie Marone but it didn’t work.

Hope has had to sit back and watch Steffy take everything from her. In her mind, her love rival sees her as a piece of gum stuck to the bottom of her Jimmy Choo stilettos.

When it comes to Liam, Steffy thinks she has first dibs. She’s been with all the Spencer men except Will, of course. After she was with Liam, she went after Bill and then Wyatt. So, why does she think Liam loves her more than her stepsister?

Let’s go back to when Steffy was pregnant the first time. Not only had she succeed in snagging Hope’s man for the umpteenth time, she made him a father.  This factor would play out years later when Kelly is born.

Liam And The Bed Jumping

[Credit: Soap Opera Story]

When you look at Liam Spencer we see the following: good looks, he’s the first-born son of Dollar Bill Spencer and is the half-brother of Wyatt and Will. His two main squeezes include rivals Steffy Forrester and Hope Logan. 

Both women have been in a relationship with the same men but they’ve always fought over Liam. Why? Well, to keep a long story short, they’re following in the paths of their mothers; Taylor Hamilton and Brooke Logan.

Liam doesn’t like the fighting and will do anything to keep the peace. While we totally understand, he also needs to restrain himself when it comes to Steffy’s pleading. She’s always been the one to stray away from him. Look at what happened with Kelly’s paternity. Before she was born, her mother slept with Bill.

When Liam found out, he became distraught that his wife and his father would betray him. Ultimately, this led to him moving out and going back to Hope when she returned from Italy. Steffy became devastated that she lost her husband but she one thing to look forward to: the birth of her little girl.

Liam: Drugged By Thomas To Jump Into Steffy’s Bed


During his separation from Steffy, Liam jumped into bed with Hope, which resulted in the conception of their daughter, Beth. A little while later while Hope’s grief of their daughter’s ‘death’ ate away at her, Thomas plotted to marry the grieving mother. His plan also included making her the mother of his son, Douglas who had lost his biological mother, Caroline.

As part of his plan, Thomas laced Liam’s drink to get him to sleep with his sister. He wanted the pair back together so they could be parents to Kelly and Phoebe (Beth) while Hope became his son’s new mother.

Steffy fell for her brother’s plan hook, line, sinker and slept with her ex. In the morning, Liam couldn’t explain how he got into his former wife’s bed. No one has ever worked out what Thomas did.

Phoebe Becomes Beth At Last

Baby Beth
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The reveal that baby Phoebe was actually Beth causes Steffy a lot of pain and it still does. To discover that her brother had kept such a huge secret from her stung. However, she gets an even bigger slap in the face when Hope tells her she’s walking out the door with her daughter.

Steffy, being the hypocrite she is, begs Hope not to take her baby away. To make it even worse, the Forrester heiress says to Hope, “You can be kind of a mother to her! Just don’t take my baby!”

That’s calling the kettle black, isn’t it? She stole all of Hope’s boyfriends and later her husband and then when the truth came out about Beth, she wants to keep her when she knows she has no right too and never did! Steffy was just an innocent bystander this time.

Show Some Empathy!


In recent episodes, Liam took Beth to visit Steffy and Kelly without telling Hope. This within itself is a massive no-no! When Hope gets home, Liam is there but without Beth. He tells her that their daughter is fine and with her former adoptive mother. When the father-of-two is out of the room, a text message arrives on his phone with kiss and heart emojis.

Hope sees the message and storms out, headed for the cliff house. When she arrives, she warns Steffy to back off as Liam is with her and Beth. Her stepsister tells her she needs to calm down. The situation gets worse when Steffy says that because Hope is a Logan, she just takes whatever she wants! Ahh… not true. The baby got stolen when Hope was unconscious.

Steffy has no feelings and will make Hope out as the devious one to make herself look good. She is too much like her parents and brother.

Where Were You When Douglas Needed Family?

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Steffy might love her nephew, but she does not care for him. When she talks to Ridge about the situation, she agreed that Brooke shouldn’t have any say over what happens to to Douglas and that he should remain with his father.

It’s obvious she doesn’t give a damn about his wellbeing. If Liam was abusing Kelly she wouldn’t want her daughter anywhere near him. Douglas is her family and she should be paying attention to what her brother’s been doing to him while also looking out for Kelly.

No one else cares for the Douglas the way Hope, Liam, and Brooke do. Wyatt and Sally love him too but they aren’t there all the time. Steffy needs to wake up to herself and realise that the world does not revolve around her.

Not Sure Where Your Loyalties Lie Again, Liam?

[Credit: Soap Dirt]

Let’s look at the situation from Liam’s eyes, shall we? Since he’s been in LA, he’s found his father, gained two brothers, gotten multiple stepmothers, been married several times to three women and had two daughters.

Being the nice guy he is, he doesn’t like conflict. However, he needs to stop Steffy from walking all over him. He caves to almost all of her demands. It’s as simple as she feels threatened by any woman he comes into contact with. Not all the women in his life were romantic. Steffy, having the power she does over him had Ivy sent back to Australia, just to keep her away from her man.

Liam wasn’t around when the rivalry between Steffy and Hope began. He did not see how Ridge favored his daughter over his stepdaughter.  What makes the situation harder to swallow is when the girls were born, he had to juggle his responsibilities as a father to Kelly and Phoebe (Beth) and as a husband to Hope. 

When Douglas told him and Hope that Phoebe was Beth, Liam got yelled at by Steffy when he refused to back her up.

Obsessions High And Going To New Heights

[Credit: Soap Dirt]

Whenever Liam enters Steffy’s house, he sees the canvas with the photo of the two of them during happier times. Someone questioned Steffy about it and she said she left it up for Kelly to see her parents together whenever her father wasn’t there. However, we can see an obsession occurring. The images might be there for Kelly, we see Steffy kept the photo up for herself.

When she adopted the baby who was Beth, she named her Phoebe. This should come as no real surprise as she wanted to ‘honour’ her dead twin sister, Phoebe. While it’s understandable she wanted Kelly to have the same sisterly bond she had with her own sister, it is not okay that she’s trying to replace her sister by naming her adopted child after her.

If she wanted to really wanted to keep Phoebe’s memory alive, she would have given Kelly the middle name ‘Phoebe’ rather than name another child after her. Another obsession she has is keeping Liam at her side no matter what. Steffy named their daughter Kelly after his late mother. If you look at it from a logical perspective, naming the baby after someone Liam had great love and respect for is the ideal way to get him on her side. It’s also a Forrester family trait to name a child after a relative.

As mentioned before, Kelly was named after her late paternal grandmother. Her half-sister Beth was named after Hope’s late grandmother, Beth Logan and she shares her name with her cousin, Lizzy who was also named their great-grandmother.

Will The Cycle Continue With Beth And Kelly?

[Credit: Soap Opera Spoilers]

Since the Steffy/Liam/Hope triangle started with Brooke/Ridge/Taylor, will the same cycle continue with Beth and Kelly? While we cannot say for sure, it looks like it will. Our reasoning coming from a recent episode when Kelly begs her father not to leave.

When they’re older, the girls will proably blame each other for what their parents did. Kelly will probably blame Hope for keeping Liam away from Steffy and vice versa. In other words, this will not end well if it happens at all. If this does occur, people will be throwing their hands in the air and switching off the television saying “Here we go again!”

Time for you guys to sound off! Do you think Steffy is an entitled, spoilt brat? Do you believe the cycle will continue with Kelly and Beth? Let us know below! Want more Project Fangirl? Be sure to subscribe to the blog and click the notification bell to be alerted. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook at @cjhawk93 on all platforms.

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