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The Bold And The Beautiful: Liam Explodes When He Learns Finn Reunited Kelly With Steffy

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It was the family reunion (of sorts) that Steffy wanted with Kelly. Well, she got it thanks to Finn but Liam was not involved and he is pissed!

Liam has no right to interfere with Steffy’s blossoming relationship with Finn. He is now pissed because he was not told about his ex’s reunion with Kelly at the house and he’s now blaming the hot doc. Give us a freaking break!

The waffler is M-A-R-R-I-E-D! Spell it out! Married! to Hope! Imagine how she is feeling right now. Her husband has interjected himself into a personal moment with her potential new man for what reason? Oh, right! He is jealous!

Liam has always been a waffler. Every time on of the two main women in his life tries to move on from him, he gets upset and interrupts any move the new guy might make. Just for the records, kudos to Scott Clifton for the fabulous job he has done in playing his character all these years. We love you!

Anyway, Finn wanted to do something nice for Steffy and a reunion with her daughter is what she needed. After all, Kelly was the Forrester heiress’ motivation for getting clean of the drugs.

Finn Needs To Stand Up To Liam!

Finn is a good looking guy and it’s clear that he is head-over-heels for Steffy and it shows. However, he needs to stop Liam from walking all over him. He is a dude who can fight his own battles. He is a medical professional after all. Sure, he should’ve checked with Liam to see if it was okay to take Kelly, but she is not just his daughter. She’s Steffy’s child too.

Also, Kelly was with Amelia whom Liam and Steffy trust. She obviously knew what was going on and wanted to see a mother-daughter reunion as much as Finn did.

Finn is a good dude whom make Steffy light up. He understands her and won’t waffle on her the way Liam does.

Hope Has Feelings Too

Hope has always played second fiddle to Steffy when it comes to everything. Ridge always favors his own daughter’s work over his stepdaughter. He might have raised her as his own but he forgets this.

Liam forgets that Hope has feelings about what should happen with Steffy too. She wants her stepsister to move on with Finn and be happy. However, her dope of a husband wants to keep interfering in his ex-wife’s life because he doesn’t want her to have a new man.

It’s clear how uncomfortable Hope is when Liam rushes out of the office to ‘confront’ Finn about surprising Steffy with Kelly being home. It’s also obvious that Thomas can see how out of line his rival is when it comes to his sister.

Could Lope’s End Up Down The Toilet Because Of Liam’s Behaviour?

To conclude this post, we should address whether Lope’s marriage will survive this newest development. We’re hoping it does, but there’s every possibility that there might be a Steam reunion, though we want more Sinn! Give it to us now!

Liam had the right idea of taking Kelly to ensure Steffy got the help she needed. Sure, she screamed and wailed and accused him and Hope of kidnapping her daughter, but she was sick.

Hope is going to call her husband out on his obsession of trying to control Steffy’s life. As everyone keeps pointing out, Liam is no longer married to Steffy. He doesn’t get a say in who she dates.

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