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The Bold And The Beautiful: Liam Asks Thomas To Help Raise The Kids… Didn’t See That Coming!

Liam asks Thomas to help Hope raise the kids…

We all know how Liam and Thomas feel about each other. Their rivalry mirrors that of their fathers, Bill and Ridge. But what happened in yesterday’s episode really surprised us. The eldest Spencer heir asked his rival to help his wife Hope to raise stepson (and cousin), Douglas and daughter Beth.

With Liam in prison because of his father’s actions in attempting to cover up how Vinny died, Thomas visits him and slams him for his involvement. However, Spencer doesn’t attempt to stop him. He just takes it as it comes.

He totally understands how Thomas feels but what he says next surprises even the Forrester designer. Liam asks him to help Hope raise the kids if he goes away for a long time. This was shocking to us given how the pair hate each other’s guts. Not that we blame them.

Thomas, in recent years, has been pursuing Hope and used her vulnerability when Beth ‘died’ to get her to marry him.

Meanwhile, Liam has jumped between Hope and Steffy for years when he couldn’t decide who he wanted to be with.

So, they’ve both done horrible things, but so have their dads. Well… mostly Bill who pushed Ridge out of a helicopter, almost killed his own son and Sally Spectra II when he ordered the Spectra Fashions building be torn down for his stupid skyscraper that was never built on the site. Let’s not forget he slept with Steffy and could’ve been Kelly’s father (he still could be), he made his late niece Caroline claim she was dying, and so on.

Let’s not forget what a hypocrite Ridge is when it comes to his kids. He’ll back them up but he’s never cared about Hope despite having raised her as his own.

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