Supergirl: The Truth Is Revealed About What Actually Happened To Jeremiah


Melissa Benoist’s directorial debut, Deus Lex Machina reveals what happened to Alex and Kara’s father, Jeremiah and it’s only going down hill from here… but in a very good way!

Supergirl is back and it’s got some spice! Two episodes ago, we learned that Alex and Kara’s father, Jeremiah had been found dead. Then, in the previous instalment, the eldest Danvers sister struggles to deal with her grief and ends up becoming Supergirl in an AR experience that almost kills her. Now, in star Melissa Benoist’s directorial debut, ‘Deus Lex Machina’, we learn there’s more to the story.

Lex Orders Eve To Assassinate Jeremiah

We learn a lot about what Lex has been doing post-Crisis and one of those was realigning himself with his obsessive cronie, Eve. The last we saw of her pre-Crisis was when Lena used her body for her AI, Hope.

However in the world post-crisis, everything that was happening with Eve has changed and she was never working with Lena. Instead, she is an assassin hired by Leviathan who is forcing her to do what they want by threatening to kill her mother.

Lex creates a plan – which has played out since Post-crisis began – and decides to kill someone closest to Kara (and Alex): Jeremiah. He tells Eve if she wants revenge on the man who killed her father, she can have it. Luthor then shows her a photo of the Danvers patriarch, but doesn’t use his actual name. Instead, he calls him, ‘Jason Ford’.

Meanwhile, Lena And Kara Talk About Jeremiah

After learning of Jeremiah’s death of an apparent heart attack, Lena goes to see Kara. As you can imagine, the conversation is as tense as they come.

Lena tells her that her mother died when she was young and that it probably pales in comparison to the loss of Jeremiah. Kara says it means a lot to her that she’s reaching out. She hands her former friend a book that helped her grieve.

Unknown to either of them, Lex heard everything.

Lex Vents To Lillian About Lena

During a game of chess with his mother, Lex vents that he saw his sister apologise to Kara for the death of Jeremiah.

Lillian questions him about why it matters to him that much. Lex practically screams at her, saying that it was the last thing he would have expected to have his sister move back towards Supergirl.

Sick of her son’s vendetta against the Kryptonians, Lillian says it shouldn’t matter if Lena showed Kara compassion. Lex says he does not want his sister becoming buddy-buddy with Supergirl and needs her to hate her as he does.

He then alters his plan to turn Lena against Kara permanently, which Lillian calls a show of weakness as her son told her he could put aside his vendetta.

Alex, Kelly, And Kara Talk About What Happened With Lena

At Kara’s apartment, she, Alex, and Kelly are sitting on the couch eating dumplings as if everything is normal. Kara flips through the book Lena gave her and says that it’s giving her the same advice they are.

Alex comments that it was nice of Lena give Kara the book, especially after everything that has happened. Her sister hopes that her former friend might be coming around on her views about Lex.

Kelly says Lex is the devil incarnate which Kara and Alex agree with.

There’s a knock at the door and it’s William, bringing more food that he made himself. He reveals he’s actually come to the girls for help on a story he wants to write on Lex and Obsidian.

Will explains that he and Kelly have been working on researching what’s been going on inside her workplace. He tells them what he’s contacted a friend of his and said that the fingerprint he found belonged to Richard Bates, the same guy who hacked the VR lenses. According to the hospital records, the guy was never admitted.

Everything goes even deeper when Kelly shows the others a list of users still stuck in VR. One of the names sticks out as the girl Alex met when she was stuck inside her lenses.

Unbeknownst to anyone in the room, Eve is spying on them from outside.

Lex Warns Gemma

Thanks to Eve’s Intel, Lex shows Gemma the footage of William wanting to expose Obsidian.

Gemma is not at all worried and tells her ally that Obsidian has tech to shield their involvement. Lex then reveals that he knows she and her associates are aliens.

Lex says the best way to get William and his gang off her tail is to create fear.

Brainy Reveals To Lex That Alex Suspects Something

Lex shows up at the DEO to talk to Brainy about their plan. However, the Coluan reveals that Alex rang him to ask for his help. The criminal mastermind says that he is not behind any scheme, which we all know is a bunch of crap.

It’s unclear whether Brainy buys into his lies, but he seems to realise something isn’t right when Lex hints that the Fortress of Solitude might have what they need for their plan.

Brainy Tells The Superfriends About The Q-Waves And Lex Turns Lena Against Kara… Again

At the Tower, Alex, Kelly, Kara, and J’onn come up empty except for the warehouse that Martian Manhunter finds. Brainy walks in and tells them about Lex’s use of Q-Waves which he says is similar to Malefic’s powers.

It’s also unclear whether Brainy is siding with his friends or if he’s still very much on Lex’s side.

Meanwhile, Q-Waves begin overlapping with Lena’s experiment and she recognises the signal as Myriad’s. She then fumes that she thought she had an honest conversation with Supergirl but has been lied to. She is now putty in her brother’s hands.

Lena then shows up at the Fortress to the surprise of Kara and they get into an argument just as Lex wanted.

Kara attempts to explain that there’s people missing in VR and she has to find them, which is why she’s using Myriad. Disgusted, Lena calls Supergirl two-faced before she leaves.

A Sun Eater Is Unleashed

The alien that followed Lena to the Fortress is uncovered by Kara and in their struggle unleashes a baby Sun Eater which resided in the Fortress.

Alex begins to worry about her sister as her powers were likely absorbed by the beast. M’Gann shows up, revealing that Mal felt what was happening and sent her to warn them.

J’onn and M’Gann enter Outer Space in an attempt to stop the creature when Kara appears wearing one of the Lexosuits from the DEO. She then fires missiles at the creature and it shrinks back to its normal size.

Back on Earth, Lex says “just on schedule” and walks into the warehouse with all the bodies.

Lex ‘Reprimands’ Kara And J’onn, Calling Himself A Hero

J’onn works out where the people are and we’re taken back to the beginning of the episode where Lex is deemed a hero.

Lex walks over to Kara and J’onn and says that Post-Crisis, he has always been the hero.

Gemma storms into Lex’s office and says he killed Margot, who was one of her most trusted agents. Her now adversary says the woman needed to die for their plan. She then grabs him by the throat, threatening him and proclaiming that she is a god and he is nothing.

Lex then proclaims that they need to kill Supergirl as she will always get in the way.

Lex, being the sick and twisted, reveals to Eve that he only played her and said her mother is still in danger. He mentions that the man he sent her to kill, didn’t murder her dad and that he was Supergirl’s father. He also reveals that he has video evidence of her assassinating Jeremiah, blackmailing her into complying.

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