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Home And Away: Lewis Is Out To Get Christian But The Doc Doesn’t Know Why


We’re a few weeks away from Home and Away’s return to Australian screens, but why is Lewis hellbent on going after Christian?

The 2020 Season finale of Home and Away ended on a very lukewarm note. Though, we were introduced to Lewis Hayes, an old friend of Jasmine’s from her university days whom she hooked up with one time. Though, his story isn’t over. He ends up employed at Northern Districts hospital, but he has one goal when he gets there; to take down new colleague Doctor Christian Greene.

Now, why would Jasmine’s former flame go after her stepdaughter Grace’s potential future stepfather? Well, that’s what we’re about to find out.

Christian’s Past Mistake

If an article from Back to the Bay from late 2020 is any indication, it looks like something Christian did in the past caused the death of Anna, an old friend of Jasmine’s and the partner of Lewis.

In promos for the upcoming season, Lewis says that Christian is dangerous and needs to be stopped. But what exactly did he do that caused Anna to die?

How Lewis and Christian’s Conflict Could Affect Jasmine And Tori

2020 was not an easy year for Jasmine and Tori. First Robbo dies and then his widow suffers a phantom pregnancy before her grief becomes an attachment turned obsession with baby Grace.

Tori was forced to put out an AVO on Jasmine to keep her at her bay and away from her daughter. Things eventually calmed down and they ended up working out their differences. However, the nurse had to go through counselling before she could even see Grace again. The doc’s move was applauded by Robbo’s parents, Wendy and Ian.

Going into the 2021 season, Tori is set to make a massive announcement; her and Christian’s engagement. While these scenes are yet to play out, it was announced a while ago to be a plotline going forward. But given everything happening with Lewis, how could this effect her relationship with Jasmine?

Could they be at each other’s throats again?

It would make perfect sense if this is the case. Jasmine already has a frosty relationship with Christian as he sees her as hovering and he doesn’t like it. With Lewis back in the picture, it’s possible there’s going to be tension.

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