As the second spin-off of Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow is unlike anything you will ever see in the Arrowverse. Taking heroes and villains from the two pre-existing series, including The Flash, Legends takes a group of beings and throws them together.

Onboard the Waverider, Rip Hunter served as Captain until he leaves and places Sara in charge. The team has seen multiple changes including Leonard Snart’s death in Season 1 to the short-lived tenure of Wally West. We’ve also seen the retirement of Firestorm after the death of Martin Stein in the Crisis on Earth-X crossover event in 2017.

While Legends of Tomorrow isn’t as beloved as Arrow, The Flash or Supergirl, it has a class of its own. We get to see characters we wouldn’t normally see working together. Also, we see heroes and villains working together which is unusual for a superhero series.

What’s fun about the show is how many times the Legends screw up and have to fix their own errors. Also, who doesn’t want to wok with Heatwave who has a sex addiction, a love of food and goofing off while on duty? We’re not sure if we want to, but it would cool nonetheless.

No matter who your favorite Legend is, it’s hard to hate any member of the group. They’re all fun and very easy to love. For us, we adore the bromance between Nate and Ray. Both are such sweet guys who get the rough end of the stick when it comes to women. We love you, Steel and the Atom! We hate your pain!

Legends of Tomorrow returns to The CW in early 2020 for its fifth Season.

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