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Legendary Actor Rip Torn Dies Aged 88


Another Disney Iconic Has Died…

It seems like Disney has a curse with the deaths of Cameron Boyce and Rip Torn in the space of only a few days.

Now, if you grew up with Men in Black, Disney’s Hercules, or Dodgeball you may remember Rip Torn’s work. The voice of Zeus, the father of Hercules, Torn served as an actor of many talents.

The father of six children and the cousin of Sissy Spacek, Torn is best known from the Larry Sanders Show. For younger audiences, fans know him as Zeus in Hercules. Furthermore, the actor retired in 2012 but came out of retirement in 2016 before retiring again. Rip married three times and is survived by his current wife Amy Wright, his children and grandchildren.

During the span of his career, Torn was said to be difficult to work with. According to reports, he had a now-infamous fight with Norman Mailer on the set of Maidstone. He even sued the late Dennis Hopper over a story Hopper told on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

What made Rip Torn so iconic was that voice

Other Appearances

In conclusion, Torn appeared on a number of television hits including Columbo, Law and Order: Criminal Intent and 30 Rock. He did not reprise his role as Zeus in the Hercules animated series. Corey Burton took over the role in the series.

Rip Torn was 88 and died at his home in Connecticut.

Rest in Peace, Rip! You’ll always be our Zeus!

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