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The Bold And The Beautiful: So… It’s Okay For Liam To Leave Steffy When She Cheated On Him With Bill But He Doesn’t Want Hope To Leave Him?


Ah, yes. Liam Spencer. Waffler. Back and forth husband to Hope and Steffy. Dad to Kelly and Beth. Stepdad/Cousin to Douglas. Guy that will leave his woman when something isn’t going his way…

Leave and go away Liam. That’s what we’d say to the waffler king of The Bold and the Beautiful. Over the years, we have seen him jump between lady loves Steffy Forrester and Hope Logan so many times it is enough to make our skin crawl. We also give massive props to Scott Clifton for his portrayal. It cannot be easy playing a character who is nothing like you at all.

Anyway, the character has no regards for how he has played Steffy and Hope against each other for years. He allowed himself to get caught in one’s lies and manipulations only to go running to the other when it suits him. We understand now why Thomas has no love for him.

Both Steffy and Hope have daughters with him and he thinks with his penis more than he does his head. If something goes wrongs with one of them, he’ll jump straight into bed with the other. Look at what happened when the paternity of a then-unborn Kelly as a prime example. When Liam discovered a DNA test had been done, all hell broke loose.

It lead to an argument with Steffy blurting out she slept with Bill which prompts Liam to leave his then-wife who runs after him, begging him to come back. This lead him to go back to Hope who had arrived back from Milan after her failed marriage to Wyatt and her miscarriage of their child. Eventually this leads to them conceiving Beth.

So, we ask this question. Why is it okay for Liam to walk out on his marriage to Steffy when she slept with his father but begs Hope for forgiveness when he cheats on her with his ex-wife? That hardly seems fear. As a number of characters have pointed out, Spencer seems to portray the mentality of the knight in shining armor that wants to rescue his two leading ladies from themselves.

Liam Is No Different To Ridge

Liam is just like his on-off father-in-law, Ridge who bounced between Brooke and Taylor for years and has double standards of his own. Just last year he hooked up with Shauna Fulton and in his mind it was okay for him to do it but when his wife, Brooke kissed Bill in a moment of weakness, he flew off the handle. Sure, he hates the man but he forgets that they share a grandchild in Kelly.

However, there’s a key difference between Ridge and Liam. The Forrester co-CEO doesn’t leave his two lady loves in the lurch as much as the Spencer heir does. However, he would always choose Brooke over Taylor and this always pissed the doctor off. This is the reason her war with the Forrester matriarch started to begin with because she felt she Logan stole her man when she didn’t.

Steffy And Hope Are NOT Two Damsels Who Need Saving

Hope and Steffy might be two very different women, but truth of the matter is, they do not need saving. They can handle themselves. This is what annoys Finn and Thomas. To them, he is the golden boy who lives in a world where he has to be the hero and the ladies are just objects.

Steffy has been through a lot because of Liam’s actions and so has Hope. If anything, Hope has lost so much more. All her husband has ever done is go back to his ex when things in their relationship get too complicated. If anything, He needs to be cut loose.

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