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Home and Away: Everything We’ve Learned About Leah’s Disappearance


The disappearance of beloved Summer Bay local, Leah Patterson-Baker has haunted everyone in the small seaside town and is continuing to mystify viewers.

When someone does a disappearing act on any Soap Opera, they normally pop up again. Home and Away has decided to do a mystery storyline involving Leah Patterson-Baker. The beloved character has suddenly vanished at a terrible time. Her partner Justin and sister-in-law Tori have just lost their brother Mason and the father of Tori’s little girl, Robbo.

Though, it’s unknown why the beloved Summer Bay resident and mum of VJ has simply disappeared. However, we do have a few bits of information from what we’ve seen that we want to go over.

The Mysterious Phone Call

Leah attended Marilyn and John’s anniversary with a few friends. She received a phone call and leaves in a hurry. This is the last time any of her friends see or hear from her. A missing person’s report is placed with the Police and for weeks, things are quiet much to the frustration of Justin.

Now, when it comes to the phone call, Back to the Bay seems to think that Leah knew the person who rang her which is why she ran out so quickly.


Whoever rang Leah would have to be linked to the reactivation of her blog which we’ll taking about in a moment. So, who could have been on the other end of the phone call?

  • Mick Jennings – Irene’s unstable son who raped VJ’s girlfriend Billie and got her pregnant. Could want revenge on being kept from his daughter.
  • Vinnie Patterson – Leah’s first husband and VJ’s dad. The guy is now dead as in 2010, Elijah mentioned to Leah that he’d met Vinnie and he’d been fatally injured in an accident 18 month before.
  • Someone connected to the Morgans – Given that Leah is dating Justin, someone could want revenge on him and they kidnap Leah to do it. This is definitely something that won’t happen. The people were went after the Morgans are now history and why would they target Leah to get back at the family?
  • Someone connected to VJ – Again, unlikely. As far as we know, VJ doesn’t have any connections that would raise any concerns. Leah raised her son by herself after Vinnie’s first ‘demise’.
  • Someone who doesn’t agree with Leah’s empowerment messages on her defunct blog. Given the sudden reactivation of Leah’s blog, it’s possible she disappeared because the messages she wanted to convey to her audience. If we had to guess, her kidnapper is male how bad the grammar is. Also, the newer posts say that men are the real victims of domestic violence not women.

The Wedding Dress

In the 2020 promo, there’s a brief shot of Leah running through the bush in a wedding dress. Why would she be running in a wedding dress? Does the person who has her want to marry her due to their crazed obsession with her? Is she wearing the dress as part of some sick game? Will they take photos of her in the dress holding a sign or something for a ransom?

Whoever has Leah has to be as sick as that pervert Tommy who tried to rape Bella. However, it might be a while until we get a bigger picture of what happened to the beloved mum and friend.

The scene with the wedding dress hasn’t happened yet, but it will in the next few episodes (we hope). Hopefully, we’ll see her escape her captor.

Justin’s Obsession With Looking At The Blog

After being told by Colby that Leah’s blog was back online, the dad of one has been obsessing over trying to find her. Tori has told him he needs to let Colby and the police do their jobs. After having lost Mason and Robbo, Justin is on edge and is in the serious need to some good news.

The first night, Justin stayed up all night looking at the website, hoping that something sticks out. Tori says he’s torturing himself. While’s understandable he would want to find clues to Leah and her whereabouts, he needs to rest. He’s already lost so much and he’s running himself into the ground. It all came to a head when he injured his hand when he returned to the garage to fix Ryder’s car.

When Could Leah Come Back?

We’re not sure yet, but it should be soon. There aren’t three episodes on Thursday at the moment because My Kitchen Rules has the 7:30 timeslot. Once that’s over, we’ll probably see her return when they have a chance to show six episodes rather than four.

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