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Dancing With The Stars: It’s Time To Dust Off Those Latin Dance Heels Because It’s Latin Night! – Week 4


It’s Latin Night, Baby!

This week’s Dancing with the Stars features a LOT of sweat and bare chests as the top nine perform Latin dances. Did it just get hot on this post because the dance floor erupted in flames! Boo-yah, baby! Now we’re cooking with fire and ice because it’s time to break down this week’s performances. Also, who did we say goodbye to in the elimination? Let’s find out!

1. Samuel and Jorja

Sam’s Latin dance this week is Samba which requires a lot of hip action. Sam’s performance is a little slow for a a Samba but he gave it a white hot crack. Literally… especially when he mentions to Grant his now new skills in bed. Tristan mentions Sam missed the mark and there wasn’t enough bounce action. Sharna, being a huge fan of Sam’s, agreed with Tristan. Craig agreed with the others about the bounce.

Sam’s score is: 17

2. Jett and Lily

Jett’s Latin dance is Rumba. Jett’s movements look kinda wooden, but his Chemistry with Lily is still right up there as being classified as hot. Sharna is definitely up there as a fan as having liked it. Craig, of course, criticises every part of it but still… liked it? Tristan loved it and told him to get a shirt on in the nicest way possible.

Jett’s score is: 20

3. Jimmy and Alex

Jimmy’s a dad with three boys and his dance schedule is even more hectic as he takes on the Samba. His month old twin boys are keeping him awake and it shows in his rehearsals. He looks like he’s hving a load of fun on the dancefloor with Alex though so that’s a bonus. Craig was critical of Jimmy’s hip action but praised the energy and the timing. Tristan agreed with Craig but loved it.  Sharna said his turns weren’t great but he was still Jimmy Sizzle.

Jimmy’s score is: 19

4. Michelle and Aric

Michelle’s Paso Doble comes from a dark moment in her life where she had to fight for her life. Michelle’s performance was sharp, fierce and sensual, oh, and she put Aric on his butt. She had so much fun doing it. Tristan was surprised by the routine while Sharna loved it and condemned her for her dedication to the character.  Craig thought her dance lines needed work and admitted that he found her other performances boring, but liked her performance tonight. Come on, Craig! It’s Latin night!

Michelle’s score is: 21

5. Curtly and Siobhan

Curtly’s Latin dance is the cha cha and he had bit of motivation from his wife whom Siobhan invited to sit in on their rehearsal. He admitted it was the most challenging dance he’s done thus far and he’s having a lot of fun with it and his wife is proud of him. Sharna said the leg work was all over the place and Craig criticised… well everything and said there was pigeon toed movement. Though he said it was Curtly’s personal best. Tristan agreed with Craig.

Curtly’s score is: 14

6. Cassandra and Marco

[Credit: Over Sixty]

Cass’s performance this week is cha cha and she struggled throughout the week. Her performance was a little out of time, but she gave it her all. Craig, again, criticised everything. Again, Tristan agreed with Craig though he commended Cass on her courage for going out there and trying. Sharna explains that Cass can’t let her fears of dancing with Marco get the better of her.

Cass’s score is: 9

7. Olympia and Jarryd

Olympia’s dance this week is the Argentine Tango and she’s given herself criticisms when she doesn’t need to. Her performance is mind-blowingly sexy as the dance is meant to be. Tristan was impressed with her footwork and thought she was better this week then she was last week. Sharna agreed with Tristan while Craig criticised much of the leg work but he applauded the other half.

Olympia’s score is: 26

8. Constance and Gustavo

Samba is Constance’s dance and she’s missing her kids. But, she’s giving it her all after last week’s disappointment.  She was dancing to Beyoncé so she was happy about it. Sharna said the bounce was good, but there was a lack of hip action. Craig said dance bigger and liked it. Tristan enjoyed it and mentioned the technique fell flat a bit.

Constance’s score is: 18

9. Courtney and Joshua

Courtney’s dance this week is Samba. Josh joked that Shane looked like he was trying to lay an egg when he was twerking. On the floor, Courtney is knocking it out of the park. Holy cow! It’s so good! Craig said the flow needed a work but otherwise loved it. Tristan critised the adrenaline, but liked it and said it wasn’t her best. Sharna said she agreed with Craig with one thing and said she wasn’t going anywhere.  

Courtney’s score is: 24

Who Got Eliminated?

This week’s elimination victim is: Cass and Marco with Michelle and Aric and Jimmy and Alex as fellow evictees. We’ll miss you, Cass!

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