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Lady Alice Manners Calls Meghan Out Via A Meme

Lady Alice

She might not be directly related to royalty, but Lady Alice Manners makes a fair point…

We had no idea who Lady Alice Manners was until we saw a Daily Mail article about her posting a meme. According to what was published the socialite and columnist took a swipe at Meghan over her claim during her chat with Oprah Winfrey she had never researched the Royal family.

Lady Alice, who is a daughter of David Matters, 11th Duke of Rutland posted this meme to debunk Meghan’s claim:

Lady Alice
[Credit: Around World Journal]

This made us smile because we’d seen a couple of comparisons but never this thorough. The one in the top left is the one we’ve seen and then there’s the green cape dress one. We’ve gone over how Meghan knew exactly who the various members of the royal family were before. However, this takes the cake. Thanks, Lady Alice for pointing this out!

Meghan really does take the world for fools. She doesn’t think people will debunk her lies. But those of us who are dedicated to exposing her will continue to do so. Now, we need to stress that we are not being racist! We are merely calling out her lies and behaviour for what it truly is.

It’s good to see that people who have money who are not backing Meghan up. Lady Alice, despite how some people might feel about her and her sisters being the real life Crawley sisters (from Downton Abbey), she should be given a medal for taking a stand against the deceit that is being sprouted by the Duchess of Sussex.

Finally, Meghan might think she’s really smart and is pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes but when there’s evidence to prove her wrong, she claims its an attack on her ‘character’ and it’s ‘racism’.

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