Sussex Drama: Prince William’s Reaction To The Palace’s Handling Of Announcement Of Meghan’s Labour Was Not Positive

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Having a baby is one the most joyous time’s in a couple’s relationship, right? When you’re a member of the British Royal Family, there is protocols to be followed when it comes to the arrival of a child. Prince William was not exactly thrilled with the way his brother and sister-in-law handled Meghan’s labour announcement…

When you’re the future King of England, you should know the rules backwards and forwards. Prince William does and he was not thrilled when his sister-in-law, Meghan’s labour with son Archie was announced some eight to nine hours after the infant’s birth actually happened.

Little Archie Harrison Mountbatton-Windsor was born at 5:26am on May 6th 2019. The announcement by the palace was released at 2pm, according to Marie Claire. The article states that Prince William and wife, Catherine ‘boycotted’ meeting their new nephew for just over a week because of Harry and Meghan’s ‘prima donna’ behaviour.

This revelation comes from Robert Lacey’s royal biography, Battle of Brothers: William and Harry – The Inside Story of a Family in Tumult. What makes this whole situation so out there is the idea of the Sussexes deliberately giving the palace the wrong time so they can smuggle themselves, their baby, and Doria out of the hospital before the press can catch on. This is not a heist movie, people!

Now, we need to point out that it is no one’s business when a child is born. However, when it’s a royal baby, there are rules. Harry and Meghan are not ones to follow protocol. We admire they wanted to bond with their son before they introduced him to the world, but to allow the palace to mislead the public who were eagerly awaiting news is not on.

Harry And Meghan Were Playing With Fire

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William had every right to be upset. He wanted his brother to follow the rules as he and Catherine had when their three children were born, but it didn’t happen the way he expected. As a future king, it is the Duke of Cambridge’s role to look out for his family and despite his feelings towards the Sussexes, they are still a part of that inner circle.

Harry and Meghan were playing with fire when they decided to ‘postpone’ the labour announcement. We have no doubt that they did it because they wanted to mess with the media. Just because they ‘dislike’ all the news outlets, doesn’t mean people aren’t going to notice.

Since he was a little boy, Harry has come to hate the media because of the role the press played in his mother’s death in Paris. We admire his willingness to protect his wife and child, but the people who look up to him will not forget how they were deceived.

We’ve seen the photo of Meghan, Harry, and Doria with the Queen and Prince Philip with Archie. As adorable as it is, if the Sussexes really wanted privacy, they would not have released that picture or shown their baby at all.

Not The End Of The Battle Between Harry And William

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William and Harry’s lives have always been destined to go in different directions. One will become king. The other remains at sixth in line. They’ve always remained close. If Lacey’s book is to be believed, the issues between the Wales brothers began well before Meghan arrived.

It’s clear the former actress may have had some role in dividing the brothers given Harry is always jumping to her defence. While William would do the same for his own wife, he knows where to draw the line. The Duke of Sussex, however, doesn’t stop his own spouse from doing anything.

William has always wanted what is best for Harry. You would’ve thought that baby Archie would’ve bought them together the way George, Charlotte, and Louis did. The younger Wales sibling was a doting uncle to the two older Cambridge kids. When Meghan arrived, everything went down hill.

Now, Archie is not to blame for any of this. His parents wanted to create their own set of rules. While we do not have an issue with Harry and Meghan to protect him, they’re gone overboard.

Will Things Ever Go Back To Normal?

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Thinking about all those times Harry had a load of fun with William and Catherine is now gone. He’s currently living on the other side of the world with no purpose.

We don’t care if Meghan ordered her husband to lie to the palace about her labour. She has proven she wants the title and the child but not the responsibility of work. The point is William wanted everything to function as it always has.

Harry, not caring what his brother wants, would follow his wife anywhere without so much as a second thought. His nephews and niece probably ask where their uncle and cousin are.

We do not think that things will go back to normal. Unless Harry comes to his senses and realises that his brother cares about him a great deal, he’ll stay in the US. It’s clear that he views royal work as ‘manual labour’ that should be illegal. He has no respect for the family he was born into and his mother would be appalled.

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