Krypton: We Officially Know Who Jor-El’s Mother Is But There’s More To The Story Than We Thought


We’ve finally gotten an answer to the age-old ‘Where is Jor-El?’ question. Turns out, he was under our noses the whole time! We called it!

The episode ‘Zods and Monsters’ reveals the revelation fans weren’t sure would happen. We’ve had Superman’s father, Jor-El under our noses the whole time. The scion of House Vex, Cor-Vex is now officially the biological papa of the Man of Steel.

Brainiac Resumes Taking Over Seg And A Sweet Chat


So much for thinking Brainiac would become a good guy! He possesses Seg’s body again! It becomes so bad the new dad gets strapped down by his grandfather’s AI. All this goes down while a reluctant Nyssa performs brain surgery.

During this, Seg jokes to make Nyssa feel less nervous, only it backfires on him. Nyssa tells her son’s father she’s been thinking about changing Cor’s last name to El because of what Daron did to Kandor. Seg isn’t opposed to giving Cor his last name and adjusts to the name Cor-El.

Val’s AI appears and tells the new parents that when taking the El name, a member of the family normally takes the first name of an ancestor. He then gives them the idea to rename their child, Jor after Val’s father. Nyssa says it’s perfect, and Cor-Vex is no more. He is now Jor-El, the future father of Kal-El.

Seg’s Speech and Chaos Arises

Pride rises in Seg as he holds his son for the first time without Brainiac being inside him. He gives his son a small speech, detailing that one day there will be stories told about him. It shows how much Seg loves his son and detailing a father’s love for his child is stronger than anything else.

However, the moment between parents and child comes to a halt when AI Val finds the remains of Brainiac have disappeared with it being concluded that they’ve infected the three humans in the Fortress. Panicked, Seg tells his grandfather to scan Jor. The result is negative, and it’s the same for Nyssa. Seg concludes he’s the one infected. Nyssa begs Val to scan him with the AI agreeing when Seg attempts to argue.

Suddenly, the hologram starts to glitch out and Brainiac appears before them. The alien leaves, but not before taking Jor with him, leaving Nyssa and Seg in a state of hysterics.

What’s In A Name?: Jor-El Edition


With Cor-Vex renamed as Jor-El, we need to examine his new name. Every comic book fan knows the name of Superman’s biological father, but did you know there’s more to the name?

In an early version of the Superman comics, Jor-El wasn’t the only member of the House of El to possess the moniker. His father, who we know as Seg-El in Krypton, was originally Jor-El the First or Jor-El I with his eldest son becoming the second.

It was much later that Jor-El I became Seyg-El. However, Jor-El I isn’t Seg in Krypton. It was the forename of his great-grandfather. Val mentions his father was more than just a talented scientist. He was a kind man with a fierce love for his family. Does this remind you of anyone? *Coughs* Seg! *Cough*

We loved that passionate talk Seg gave his son. It was so sweet and it shows how much he has grown as a character. He went into the Phantom Zone a boy and came out a man. It was so amazing to watch and we hope Seg and Nyssa get their son back when his life has only just begun. Without Jor, there would be no Kal-El, no Superman.

So, there we have it! Superman’s origin story is only just beginning with the baby who grows to become his pops. We’re getting excited to see what comes next in this epic family tale! The show keeps getting better with each episode. Seg and Nyssa need their baby back and we have a feeling there something more sinister at play here. We’re looking at you, Lobo!

How do you think Seg and Nyssa get Jor back from Brainiac? Let us know and tell how you feel about the reveal that Nyssa is the mother of Jor-El? 

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