Krypton Season 2: First Look At Lobo In Action In This Trailer Breakdown

It wasn’t that long ago we broke down the first trailer for Krypton Season 2. We got glimpses of the Phantom Zone and Zod ruling Krypton, but we didn’t see certain characters, including a certain Bounty Hunter *coughs* Lobo…

Krypton is coming back to Syfy and we cannot wait! We’re still recovering from the previous trailer we got and broke down here on the site. What could be more fun than breaking down yet another trailer? This one is all about the villains. We get to see more from Zod and Brainiac, but it is the baddie at the end we’re probably most excited about.

1. “My Fellow Kryptonians…”

[Credit: IGN]

The trailer begins with a look at what looks like Kandor, we could be wrong with a voiceover by Zod. He says in his speech:

“My fellow Kryptonians. Six months ago, we came together to face the dawn of a new era. To rebuild a Krypton unrecognisable in its prefection.”

During the speech, we see different shots of different characters, which we’ll get to in a moment. Just in this part alone we learn a few things. The first is, six months have passed since Jax-Ur and Nyssa entered the Fortress to see Val meaning Seg has been missing for seven months because a month had passed by the time Jax and Val reunited.

Who would want to be stuck with Zod as a leader for such a long time. I know we wouldn’t.

2. Kandor Will Never Be The Same

[Credit: IGN]

In our next shot, we see Zod standing on a balcony at night or in the early morning overlooking his handiwork. We don’t know exactly where he is at this point. It could be the Zod residence. Could be Fort Rozz, could be anywhere.

3. Recap: The House Of El Sigil On Supes’s Cape Is No More

[Credit: IGN]

We also see a recap from the Season 1 finale where we see the House of El sigil on Superman’s cape turn into the House of Zod sigil. Also, this takes place during Zod’s speech so it shows that Zod thinks he’s got no competition.

4. More On The Escape Pod

In the previous trailer, we saw an escape-esque pod hurtling through space. That was all we saw, but in this new trailer we know now know who’s in the pod: Nyssa. Where’s she going is unclear at this point. Though, it’s possible she’s going someplace to get help.

5. Zod Reigns With Terror

[Credit: IGN]

We see a screen projecting a message of General Zod saying that Krypton is now a better place. Yeah, I don’t know about you guys but he’s ruling with fear. This shot also appears to lead into the next one of Adam.

6. Behold! Adam’s Back!

[Credit: IGN]

As the video of Zod plays, we see Adam looking like he’s either just entered someplace via the Zeta Beam or he’s spying for someone. When we see of him early in the trailer, it doesn’t explain how he came to be back on Krypton.

7. Seg Talks With… Someone? Brainiac, Perhaps?

[Credit: IGN]

The next shot is Seg in what looks like his grandfather’s former home inside the Phantom Zone. We also see him talking to someone but we don’t know. It’s possible it could be Brainiac or perhaps, its Adam.

8. Adam Finds Seg In The Phantom Zone

[Credit: IGN]

Our next shot is Adam talking to Seg inside the Phantom Zone. He’s not talking to him from Krypton. He’s talking to him face-to-face as in he’s physically inside the dimension discovered by Val. This could happen during the first or second episode where he’s either sent by someone to retrieve Seg or he goes in without really thinking it through.

9. Lyta And Dru

[Credit: IGN]

We get a better look at Lyta and her son in this trailer. We see that Lyta reports to her son. She shows him a hologram of something, but whatever it is we won’t see until the season airs.

10. Tortured

[Credit: IGN]

After we see Lyta and Dru, there’s a shot of a woman being tortured. For now, we don’t know who this is. It could be one of the Cythonnites that we met during Season 1. Could be anyone who is allied with Nyssa and Jax-Ur. We’ll find out more soon… hopefully.

11. Val Fights Back

[Credit: IGN]

Seven months is a long time to remain hidden. However, according to Adam’s dialogue, Val is now leading the resistance against Zod. We know he’s pretty handy with a gun as we see him shooting enemy troops down. Go Val! Take that Zod!

12. Val Joins Jax

[Credit: IGN]

We learned during the last couple of episodes of Season One that Jax and Val weren’t just members of the Science Guild. Jax was Val’s protégé and friend and they had a father-daughter type of relationship as Jax looked up to her mentor. She even mentioned that Seg reminded her of his grandfather. In the trailer, we see that Jax and Val are leading the rebellion together. She might have gone back to her old name Sela-Sonn. She, much like Nyssa, Lyta, Val, and General Zod has a whole new look. Jax appears to have been injured as her face is scarred.

13. What Side Is Lyta On?

[Credit: IGN]

Looks can be deceiving. We learned that with Nyssa and Jax in Season One. So, what’s the deal with Lyta? Has she willingly joined her son or is she a spy? According to the trailer, she’s on Dru’s side as she’s seen saying they will stop the rebellion but we don’t see who she’s talking to. It’s likely Nyssa, Jax and/or Val. However, if Dru’s words ring true, she could be honoring her family name by remaining loyal to his cause.

14. Seg Tries Reaching Out To His Evil Son

[Credit: IGN]

Whoever said being a parent to a futuristic evil child would be fun. We see Seg trying to reach out to Dru and Zod just ignores his father’s pleas. Yeah, fun times all around with that (non) conversation.

15. Adam Fights… Something Cold?

Credit: IGN]

Season One saw Adam in some pretty unique situations. We saw him pull a huge gun on Zod and be called out for it. However, Season Two will see him pull a smaller weapon on something that we don’t see in the trailer. It could be an ice wraith, could be Doomsday, though we doubt a blaster would be any use against something that is unkillable.

16. Kem Joins Adam

[Credit: IGN]

After his ward Ona was blown to bits before his eyes towards the end of last season, we get a glimpse of Kem in the trailer. The last time we saw him, he was being conscripted into Zod’s army and he was sporting a totally different look. He’d spent time in Kryptonopolis to grieve what happened to Ona and to remain out of Kandor when Brainiac attacked. It appears he’s either escaped Zod’s so-called army or he’s a spy. Our bets are on he escaped. It also looks like he’s put his differences with Adam aside for the time being. Also, we don’t know if Adam and Kem’s roles are as members of Val and Jax’s rebellion or if they’re part of something different that is also opposed to Zod’s rule.

17. Brainiac… Dies?

[Credit: IGN]

There’s a quick glimpse of an extreme close up of Brainiac’s eyes and some kind of black substance on what we can see of his face. Could it be blood? Does it have anything to do with Lobo?

18. Lyta Undertakes Another Jo-Monn Duel?

[Credit: IGN]

We see a split second aerial shot of Lyta fighting someone in hand-to-hand combat. There’s not much we can take from this at all. The guy she’s fighting isn’t Dev or Dru. Whether this is a training session or a duel to the death is anyone’s guess.

19. Adam And The Zeta Beam

[Credit: IGN]

Remember last season when Adam’s Zeta Beam device suddenly stopped working before he got it working again and used it to get in between Ona and Kem and Seg? Well, it looks like Adam’s going to be using the device to get himself out of even more trouble.

20. Nyssa Leads Her Troops Into Combat

[Credit: IGN]

A scene shows Nyssa leading a group of people into combat with Zod’s forces. She even kicks the opponent’s butts! Cool!

21. Jayna Joins The Resistance Against Her Daughter And Grandson

[Credit: IGN]

In a blink and you miss it moment, we see Jayna with much longer hair going up against her daughter and grandson’s forces. We see her fighting alongside Jax and Adam.

22. Father And Son Face Off

[Credit: IGN]

In a very brief clip, we see Seg out of the Phantom Zone and facing off against his own son who throws him into the ground. Despite not being able to see his face, we know its Seg because of the jacket.

23. Surprise! It’s Lobo!

[Credit: IGN]

We get a fun scene towards the end of the trailer where Seg and Adam are seen running from something. Probably Brainiac when Adam is suddenly stunned by a weird looking dude with a gun who introduces himself as Lobo. Seg’s reaction? Priceless! We’re rotting for Lobo!

Want to watch the trailer? Check it out here:

Krypton Returns For Its Second Season On Syfy Beginning June 12 In America.

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