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Babes Against Bullshit: Kloss v. Gevinson – How Is The Drama In The White House Suddenly Karlie Kloss’ Fault?


Don’t crucify me for my opinions. Remember, this is my blog, so it’s my domain. I say what I want. Now, the reason I’m writing this BaBS post is because something caught my attention while I was browsing through Pedestrian earlier. There was an article about model Karlie Kloss and how she has been called out by fashion blogger, magazine editor, and actress, Tavi Gevinson for not doing more in getting a message through the heads of her in-laws, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.

Now, I’m not super into politics, despite the fact I blog about how much of a moron Donald Trump is. I’m not all that into fashion so I shouldn’t be writing this at all. However, I couldn’t resist jumping into the conversation. Now, before I begin, I just wanted to give a run down as to who these two women are before we jump into the question at hand.

Who is Karlie Kloss?

[Credit: Paper Magazine]

Karlie Kloss is a model who once modelled for Victoria’s Secret. She dated Joshua Kushner, the brother of Ivanka Trump’s husband, Jared from 2012 and they married in 2018. As of 2019, the pair are currently expecting their first baby.

Outside of modelling, Karlie has an interest in technology and founded the Kode with Klossy Camp to help get girls interested in coding. At one point, she was also the face of the website building website, Wix in which her official site is made from.

Who is Tavi Gevinson?

[Credit: The Talks]

Tavi Gevinson became well-known for her online fashion magazine/blogs, Rookie and Style Rookie which she started at the tender age of 12. Since there she has gone on to become a magazine editor and actress with an upcoming credit in the revival of Gossip Girl.

During her days as a blogger, she started to move away from fashion and dived into pop culture.

So… What Exactly Happened?

With the civil unrest in America that happened only yesterday, Gevinson called out Kloss for not doing more to convince her in-laws, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump to do something about the President’s behaviour.

Kloss and her husband are both democrats and are known to be vocal supporters of the party.

Tavi called the model on her Instagram stories for not doing enough to talk Ivanka and Jared around.

As the Pedestrian article states, it is a hard situation. Though, should Karlie really be called out for something she really can’t control? That’s what we’re about to answer now.

Should Karlie Kloss Really Be Held Responsible For Something Her In-Laws Did?

Now, should Karlie really have to tell Ivanka and Jared off for something they’ve done?

In my humble opinion, no. I don’t think she should. So what if she’s related to them via her marriage? It’s clear she cannot stand Donald. What was made apparent in the Pedestrian article is that this call out from Tavi is not the first time this has happened. Honestly, I don’t give a crap what happened in the past. It’s private matter that should be resolved by the people involved in the matter. I don’t know what the situation and I really don’t care how it played out.

The article also makes the point that Ivanka and Jared went to Karlie and Josh’s wedding in 2018 so their relationship can’t be too hair-raising. Though, that doesn’t mean anything. Just because they’re allegedly close doesn’t mean they share the same the views.

I don’t care. So what if she plays to her democratic side but than she associates with her Republican in-laws? She has backed the incoming Biden administration.

So, to answer the question, Kloss should not be called out or held responsible for her in-laws. Jared and Ivanka are nothing more than Donald’s lap dogs. Karlie probably has a minimal interaction with Donny boy. We’d love to be a fly on the wall for that.

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