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The Kingdom Choir Support Prince Charles In The Aftermath Of Oprah Interview

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If the royal family was racist, why would they allow the Kingdom Choir, which consists of all black members to perform at the Harry and Meghan’s wedding?

The Kingdom Choir got their massive break at the 2018 royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. It has been revealed that Prince Charles personally asked them to perform. This comes from an official statement the group put out on Twitter:

[Credit: @TheKingdomChoir – Twitter]

The Kingdom Choir are a group of black people who happen to be in support of a future King. Now, what does this tell you? If the royal family is racist like Meghan and Harry claim, then why could a biracial woman marry into the family?

As the group says in their statement, the Sussexes and Charles worked with them before the wedding and were told how happy they were with their involvement. Now, has Meghan forgotten all of this? It would appear so because she now claims there she has emails and texts proving her allegations to be true. Hold up a second. She said she couldn’t prove proof during her privacy court case because messages got deleted after thirty days… which is it?

We, personally, loved The Kingdom Choir during the wedding. They added culture and showed how in tune Britain is to have both communities come together. Having Prince Charles be the one to ask the group to perform goes to show how inaccurate the narrative was in the Oprah interview. We give massive props to the group for coming forward to support the other side of the qualm. If there are two people who are in the wrong, it’s Harry and Meghan.

There is a difference between ‘their truth’ and ‘the truth’. The Kingdom Choir knows the truth. They do not seem like the type of people who would ignore what they already know. If the future king invites you to his youngest son’s wedding, then he’s not racist.

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