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Home And Away THEORY: Is Kieran Trying To Turn Martha Against Alf And Roo?


Since his arrival in Summer Bay, Kieran has found himself in trouble and his stepfather, Alf time and time again. Though, is he trying to divide Martha from her husband and Roo?

Kieran Baldvis, the son of Alf’s wife Martha has been stirring the pot since he arrived in Summer Bay. Question is is whether he is trying to try his mother against her husband and her daughter, Roo. It looks like he is given how she is constantly defending him despite their history.

Martha and Roo have been trying to keep on top of Kieran’s alcoholism but when they go looking for evidence, he explodes at them and lies to them. The situation gets to so out of hand that he almost takes a swing at Alf which Justin is forced to step in to stop.

Roo was alerted by nephew Ryder that Kieran tried to order alcohol but then blamed it on Mac, claiming he said Club Soda. As a bartender, it’s obvious that Alf’s grandson knew exactly what he was trying to do.

Ryder is no dummy. He would’ve been told by Roo, Martha, and Alf to Kieran and his past. That is the whole reason why he told his aunt about her half-brother’s ‘mishap’.

Kieran Is Martha’s Weakness

It has never been a secret that Kieran has a way of getting his mother to cave to him. In other words, he is her weakness and he knows it. Despite their history where he was violent towards her, he knows how to manipulate her into siding with him.

Alf and Roo can see what he’s doing and they’re trying to stop him from turning Martha against them. They don’t want to cause issues with Kieran but they can see he’s trouble. The last thing they need is her siding with her wayward son.

Any fan who has been watching the show a while will know that Alf doesn’t put up with crap from anyone, especially his own family. As much as he loves his wife, he doesn’t want to see her hurt. However, Kieran is making it difficult when he twists his and Roo’s words against them and it makes his mother upset.

What Can Alf And Roo Do Now?

Alf has already called the police on his stepson and in the process learns that there is an arrest warrant out standing for domestic violence. Martha is not happy that her husband and daughter called the cops but they argue that they had to.

Roo and Alf are worried about Martha and the influence Kieran has over her. Booze bottles have already been found under the van he’s renting but Martha has dismissed this has being anybody’s.

There’s very few things Roo and Alf can do without getting their heads bitten off by Martha for thinking poorly of her son. She knows how dangerous he can be and she’s letting him get away with everything he throws at his sister and stepfather.

If anything, Martha would have to see Kieran’s bad behaviour for herself if she’s not going to believe Alf, Roo, and Ryder. Unless, someone records him doing something he shouldn’t like drinking in the gym office. We’re sure Jasmine would fire him for this since it is her business.

Bad Behaviour In Public

Kieran has already shown his true colours a couple of times. The first was when he applied at the gym for the manager role and he bragged that he was the best person for the job and that no one else should even get an interview. Jasmine told him he would need to put in a resume to even qualify for a chance. He basically screamed at her but backed off when Lewis jumped in.

He got what he wanted after Martha explained to Jasmine about her son’s history.

Then there was the blow up this week where Alf confronted him about leaving town. This almost resulted in a punch up that Justin had to defuse. What if something like this happens again? Martha basically blamed the situation on her husband. What will it take for Kieran to be outed as a danger to his mother’s safety?

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