The Sussexes Called The Police 9 Times In 9 Months – Was There A Kidnapping Attempt Or Was It Their Way Of Getting Attention?


We know how paranoid Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are about security but why there were the police called to their house 9 times in 9 months? Was it because of kidnapping attempts on them or Archie? Or was it their way of guilting Prince Charles into paying their security bill?

Meghan Markle will do virtually anything to make the royal family pay for not doing what she wants. She has even corrupted her husband, Prince Harry into doing her bidding. We know for their pattern of behaviour of that we’re obsessed with security and were pissed off when it was cut off when they left being senior royals. Now, it appears they’re getting a taste of what it’s like for everyday people to live. The Guardian reports that the couple summoned the police to their Montecito mansion a total of nine times in nine months since they moved in. So, that makes us question whether there kidnapping attempts made on one of them or their one-year-old son, Archie.

Now before we continue, we think there might be more going on than what the article suggests. But, we don’t think it would go quite as far as Meghan orchestrating the whole thing just to get what she wants. Also, we’re in the minority of people who are Anti-Markle who think that Archie is a real baby that she gave birth to. If he wasn’t, then Harry wouldn’t be married to her. We wrote about this a while back.

Do we think Meghan and/or Harry is making up these ‘security breaches’? We don’t know. There’s not enough proof but if there was, we’d say they’d be arrested for making false police reports. Now, we don’t think they’d go quite as far as to report a fake kidnapping. It wouldn’t sit well with anyone, let alone the royal family if two of their own had faked a kidnapping.

However, if something were to happen to Archie, then it would be enough to guilt trip Prince Charles into funding their security. This is low, even for Meghan and Harry. Have they no conscience?

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