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Home And Away: Leah’s Kidnapper’s Motives Revealed!


Leah Patterson-Baker’s disappearance sent shockwaves through the Bay. For six weeks, no one knew what happened to her until her friends started their own investigation and discovered something startling that involved her kidnapper…

In November 2019, Leah Patterson-Baker disappeared after a mysterious phone call pulled her away from Marilyn and John’s anniversary celebration. For six weeks, there was silence until Roo and Maggie discovered the mum-of-one’s blog had been reactivated. This surprised them, her friends, and family. The posts that ended up on the site were harrowing in nature and had terrible spelling and grammar. However, there was a photo posted with Leah saying she was “engaged” to her kidnapper that revealed something more sinister was going on.

Revenge Plot

In tonight’s episode, Leah gathers the strength to tell McCarthy about her ordeal at the hands of her kidnapper, Douglas. She explains that he rang her saying his wife was a reader of her blog and was at the hospital. She went to the medical facility only to be lured into a trap when the man jumped into her car and told her to drive.

McCarthy asks if he sexually abused her. Leah tells him he didn’t but he kept talking about getting married and their wedding night. The day they were meant to marry, she knew she had to run and so she did. The most disturbing part of the story is why Douglas kidnapped her to begin with.

The kidnapper wanted revenge on Leah for giving his wife the courage she needed to leave him. McCarthy explains Douglas was abusive physically and emotionally to his ex and she verified her ex-husband’s crimes against her. What makes this whole thing sickening is when Leah explains that Douglas would go on misogynistic rants about women not knowing their places in society. He also hated Leah and what she stood for.

Leah Learned To Cope With Her Kidnapper

Leah learned very quickly to adjust to her situation. She learned to keep quiet and to do everything Douglas asked of her. Whenever she spoke up about anything, she would be punished as evident by her cut lip. She felt like a shell of the person she was.

She asks McCarthy what Douglas has said about kidnapping her and she is told that he’s not saying much. He also explains to her that Douglas would be going away because for what he did to Colby. Leah, being so out of the loop, asks what happened to the local cop. Justin tells her Colby got stabbed in the leg the day she escaped.

Bravery That Should Inspire

Leah’s bold escape was daring. Very few people in her situation would have the energy to get away. She was brave and this storyline should inspire anyone in a domestic violence situation to get out when they can. It should show that people like Douglas can be held accountable for their crimes.

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