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Superman & Lois: Could One Of The Kent Twins Go Dark Because One Came Into Creation After Crisis On Infinite Earths?

Kent Twins

We’ve known for a while that the 2019-2020 Arrowverse crossover event, Crisis on Infinite Earths made Jonathan Kent a twin at the conclusion of the final part. But, could one of the Kent twins go dark in Superman & Lois?

The world was meant to learn more about the expansion of the Arrowverse during the 2020-21 season. But because of the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve had to wait until 2021 to see these changes come into affect. We’ve learned in recent months that upcoming DC Comics character, Yara Flor would have her own series in the form of Wonder Girl. However, this post is actually about Superman & Lois and how one of Clark and Lois’ sons might end up going dark in the upcoming series. This show marks the first time the Man of Steel has become the father of any form of Kent twins. Usually, he is dad to just one child, son Jonathan.

Superman & Lois is going to dive into Clark and Lois’ struggles as working parents to teenage Kent twins, Jonathan who existed pre-Crisis as a baby and the newly created Jordan who came into creation after COIE, thanks to Oliver Queen’s sacrifice. Now, the reason we wanted to address the possibility of one of the boys going dark is because the first trailer dropped today, as per The CW Network YouTube Channel:

[Credit: YouTube – The CW Network]

The style of the trailer was definitely NOT what we expected for a first look promo for the new show. However, it did give a first look at the Kent twins and how they’ll be portrayed in the series.

Meet Kent Twins, Jonathan And Jordan And Pagey’s Trailer Breakdown

hour two; memorable moments from hour one
[Credit: Comic Book]

The Kent twins were named after both of Clark’s fathers; his biological dad, Jor-El and his adoptive pa, Jonathan Kent. So, after their grandfathers. While this is a sweet gesture, there’s more to this than fans will realise and it’s not going to be pretty.

The eldest of the twins is Jonathan who will be more like his father in regards to personality. He’ll be athletic, outgoing, and kind-hearted. Meanwhile, the youngest is Jordan who, according to the Arrowverse Fandom page for the series will be introverted and have some kind of darkness within him. Talk about being the polar opposite to his brother and father.

In the comics, Jonathan becomes a version of Superboy and in the upcoming Future State series, Jon will take up his father’s mantle of Superman, according to CBR. Jordan, meanwhile, doesn’t exist and was created for Superman & Lois.

The series synopsis has previously teased that Jonathan and Jordan have no idea their father has powers or that he is Superman. Australian Arrowverse YouTuber, Pagey breaks down the trailer which you can see here:

[Credit: YouTube – @pagey]

During the breakdown, Pagey makes the observation that the animation within the trailer is meant to represent the inside of the Fortress of Solitude which it does if you look at this image of Clark proposing to Lois in Elseworlds:

[Credit: Arrowverse Fandom]

Check out the background of the shot. It’s similar to what we see in the Superman & Lois promo.

Pagey raised the possibility of one of the Kent twins going dark given that one existed pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths and the other did not. As we’ve stated before, Jonathan is the one who was born prior to the change within the multiverse. Jordan came into the narrative after.

Jordan’s Brush With The Dark Side

kent twins
[Credit: ScreenRant]

There is a load of possibilities as to why Jordan will have the darker personality of the Kent twins. Here’s what we think:

  1. Having to live in his brother’s shadow: with Jonathan being the more outgoing of the twins, Jordan might think that he is never going to live up to the same standards as Jon so he decides to withdraw himself.
  2. Named after the grandfather who died on Krypton: Jordan was named after his biological paternal grandfather, Jor-El who died when Krypton exploded. Perhaps the younger twin’s existence is tied to the planet’s fate.
  3. Mental health issues: Jordan’s darker personality might be a sign that he has issues with his mental health.
  4. Darker powers: You cannot be the son of Superman without some reference to superpowers. If the boys do end up with abilities, what’s not to say that Jordan’s might end up being totally different to his father and brother. He may have mental powers similar to say Brainiac as suggested in Pagey’s video.
  5. Manipulation: Maybe Jordan is being manipulated by an unknown source. Perhaps this individual is the mysterious Stranger who is meant to enter the picture.
  6. Born with a dark soul: Now, we don’t want to jinx Jordan or anything but what if he was born with a dark soul and there’s nothing anyone can do about it?
  7. Bullying victim: another theory is that Jordan, because of his introverted nature could be the victim of bullying and this causes him to develop a dark personality.
  8. Powers are making him go dark: So, we’ve discussed that Jordan might develop different powers as his father and brother. However, what if it does down a different path and he ends up with the same abilities but they’re making him go dark.

Family Closeness

[Credit: Entertainment Weekly]

Clark’s monologue in the trailer alludes to the closeness of his family. We know that he has a strong bond with older cousin, Kara though he is the more famous of the two. It’s almost mentioned in the character description of Samuel Lane, Lois’ dad that he knows his son-in-law is Superman. It’s also believed the two of them are close which is in contrast to their relationship in the comics.

The voiceover also alludes to how Crisis on Infinite Earths (the event) changed a lot of things. Jordan’s existence would be one of these. In one of the final scenes in COIE, Clark takes a call from Lois who tells him to come home because of something that has happened with the boys.

When Clark questions Lois, she is forced to elaborate and says, “Yeah, your sons.” This clearly takes him by surprise. It should be known that Clark still had his memories from the pre-Crisis timeline. This would explain why he responded with confusion when told he had multiple kids and not just one.

Whether Jordan’s sudden existence is explained in the series is anyone’s guess at the moment. Hopefully it is because there are going to be people calling for it to happen.

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