Kensington Palace Needs To Back Up Its Workers

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace has been portrayed in a bad light for sticking up for Meghan Markle and her alleged bullying ways but not the people who were targets…

This is not Prince William and Catherine’s fault. It is the way that things are run at Kensington Palace. During the time the Sussexes were stationed there, it alleged that Meghan Markle bullied staff to the point two personal aides quit and other became yet another target.

As we’ve stated before, Meghan is not the Feminist she claims to be. She doesn’t understand what kindness and compassion are. We believe The Times piece that was published the other day. Though, there is a reason why she got a load of things so soon before she’d even joined the royal family.

Kensington Palace were too busy in trying to keep Meghan happy that they forgot to think about the staff that were working for the Firm long before Markle even joined the family. The women that were selected as personal aides to the Duchess of Sussex were treated so disgustingly, that Jason Knauf who was the then-communications secretary was worried that the complaints lodged wouldn’t be heard.

The allegations against Meghan come just days out from the interview she and Prince Harry did with Oprah goes to air. To those who see through her so-called victim narrative, it isn’t really surprising. Several journalists published pieces over the years but were dismissed as hurtful towards the Duchess of Sussex.

Now, the allegations are being taken seriously now because Jason Knauf and several former members of staff went to The Times with information that could be backed up. Their goal is to give another side to the story.

What Should Be Done To Protect Staff?

Kensington Palace is now involved in an investigation into how true the bullying allegations against Meghan are. Former staff have been invited to be involved to finding the truth into what actually happened.

The staff who were allegedly bullied needed to be protected. Who cares if Meghan is a member of the royal family? She was abusing the people were assigned to work for her and what else does she do? Make it look like they were the ones bullying her. Her crocodile tears in South Africa became the last straw for a load of people.

The HR team at Kensington Palace should’ve told senior royals what was going on so sooner. Of course Meghan would’ve denied any wrongdoing and yes, Harry would’ve flown into a rage. Though, they’ve had no issues with Catherine. She also told Meghan to be respectful to the staff that work for her. Only, she got called terrible things in Finding Freedom.

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