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The Bold And The Beautiful: Katie Discovers Quinn And Shauna’s Plan!

Katie; screaming match

We did NOT see that coming! Katie overheard Quinn and Shauna talking about their plan to destroy Brooke and Ridge’s relationship.

Holy crap! The last thing we expected in today’s The Bold and the Beautiful was Katie overhearing Quinn and Shauna’s plan. Her reaction (as you can probably expect) was priceless! If we’re brutally honest, we thought it might’ve been someone like Carter or Ridge who heard the scheme, but it wasn’t!

For longtime fans, it has never been a secret that Katie and Brooke have always had a complicated relationship. However, in the end, the youngest Logan sister has always forgiven her older sibling. When the whole Brill (Brooke and Bill) kiss was exposed, it was messy. Over time, however, trust has been regained.

Always Rallies Behind Bridge

Katie has always known how much Brooke and Ridge mean to each other and will rally to their cause to be together. She also has a big issue with Quinn which has never been refuted either.

Quinn has never thought highly of the Logans, seeing them as sluts from the valley. She has always seen herself as being a better person than them, yet, she has schemed her way to being Eric’s wife. If we’re lucky, she’ll get kicked to the curb.

Katie, having heard Quinn’s plan to insert Shauna as her co-matriarch, goes running straight to Ridge, but there’s where the episode ends. So, that makes us wonder what happens next.

Katie Loves Her Sister, But She Hates Quinn More

Let’s be clear. Katie will always love Brooke. She’s her big sister after all, but Quinn overstepped on a massive scale. How dare she try to ruin Bridge?! She also knows when to say something. She has massive amounts of respect for Eric who will always defend his wife, but he’s loyal to the Logans and has been for years, long before his evil bride showed up.

It was surprising that she didn’t reveal herself and confront Quinn right there in the living room when Eric came home. That’s when she goes straight to Ridge to tell him what she overheard. This shows how much she wants him with Brooke. She knows how much he loves her sister and how many times they have fought to get back together.

How will Ridge react to what what she’s about to tell him? We think he’s going to dismiss her claims and say that Brooke is the love of his life, he has to honour his commitment to Shauna.

Against Shidge

Moving away from Katie for the moment, there’s a load of people against the Shidge wedding.

Ridge’s longtime friend and lawyer Carter is deadset against the union. He thinks (and he’s not wrong) that something doesn’t add up, and he’s right. Ridge was drunk when he married Shauna in Las Vegas and he doesn’t remember any of it. Also, it seems out of character that he would just out of the blue tell him to file the divorce papers.

Carter is no idiot. He has seen Bridge go through so much together and come out the other side. Not to mention, he has never had much love for Thomas which is what he told Zoe when she almost married him. But that is beside the point.

We also know that the Logans are deadset against it and always have been. Then there’s Eric who is stuck in the middle of the conflict. He wants Ridge and Brooke together but he doesn’t want to upset Quinn and knows how much she adores Shauna.

Will Quinn’s Antics Blow Up In Her Face?

As we move into next week, we need to ask a sensible question; will Quinn’s scheme blow up in her face? We’re hoping it does! She had no right to meddle in Ridge and Brooke’s marriage, but her hatred for the true Forrester matriarch has clouded her judgement.

Now that Katie knows what is going on, there is no questioning that Ridge is going to have even more doubts. We know Shauna already has allowing her conscience take over her willingness to follow through with Quinn’s plan.

Quinn knows that Shauna is questioning whether she should be beginning her marriage to Ridge by telling him what actually happened in Vegas. This shows how different the besties are.

Shauna is willing to do the right thing, but she’s allowing someone (in this instance, Quinn) to push her around. It’s like going back the Baby Swap all over again. She encouraged Flo to tell Hope about Beth being alive, but allowed Thomas to boss them around so that they could remain within the Logan family.

If we’re honest, Quinn should be told off and dumped. She has never been the woman Eric thinks she is and all she does is prance around saying “I’m Mrs Eric Forrester and I’m the matriarch. Stephanie would love me!” She has done worse things than Brooke ever has. She kidnapped Liam when she developed an obsession with him, she pushed Ivy off a bridge, she caused Hope to miscarry Wyatt’s child. The list goes on.

Where Does Eric Fit Into The Exposure?

We’ve been hearing thing that Eric will learn what his wife and her best friend have been doing. But what does he hear and where he fit into the plot? He’s going to be in for one hell of a realisation that his wife hasn’t changed her spots to stripes.

What makes this very hard to predict is Eric’s loyalty is to basically everybody. He loves Quinn, but he will always back his family and the Logans are a part of that equation. From what we’ve heard on the The Bold and the Beautiful grapevine, the Forrester patriarch will overhear something not meant for his ears. So, what way does this go?

Does Eric overhear Katie and Ridge talking about Quinn and Shauna or does it go in reverse were he hears his wife her bestie discussing their plan? Whatever happens is next is gong to be exciting!

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