Batwoman: Kate Makes Her Grand Return But In A More Twisted Way


Kate’s twisted return is about to get interesting…

Wallis Day makes her Batwoman debut in this week’s episode, ‘Initiate Self-Destruct’ but in a very twisted way. We’ve known for a while that Roman Sionis aka Black Mask has been holding Kate Kane prisoner. This time, we see Enigma brainwash the former Scarlet Knight into believing she is Circe Sionis, the villain’s late daughter. This comes after he thinks that the OG Batwoman killed her.

Ryan and Alice are forced to team up to save their respective others, Angelique and Ocean. This is when they come up against Kate. While Wilder is oblivious to who they’re up against, the former Beth Kane seems to realise there is something familiar about their adversary. While we don’t see a lot of the ex Batwoman, it’s almost guaranteed that the next few will be explosive.

We know from a promo released for the next episode that the brainwashed Kate isn’t done with her sister who demands to know about Batwoman. On a side note, it’s really odd hearing Wallis with an American accent. We’re so used to her usual British one from when she played Nyssa-Vex on Krypton. It’s just something we’re going to have to get used to.

With Season 2 in its second half, it’s not going to take very long for us to find out whether the twisted version of Kate can be undone. From what we’ve read, there might be flashbacks to her past that help in snapping her out of her brainwashing.

Kate’s friends and family believe she’s dead and this has certainly put a dampener on Alice’s plans to kill her sister herself. Meanwhile, Jacob thinks he has failed as a father as he has lost two of three daughters. Furthermore, this has left Mary to mourn her sister.

Kate’s Friends Are Struggling Without Her

Luke, Sophie, and Julia are struggling with Kate around with Fox desperate to get her back. However, this comes to a grinding halt when Pennyworth reveals her team retrieved body parts and tested them multiple times to ensure they belong to the former Bat lady. This leaves everyone including Jacob and Mary devastated despite all the hope they had that she’d be found alive.

What’s hard for Luke is having Ryan take over the mantle of Batwoman and thus, making it hard for him to bond with her at first.

Sophie, while mourning the love of her life, has to watch Jacob at work struggle with losing yet another daughter. Unknown to her until this week’s episode, she discovers he’s become addicted to the new drug, known as Snakebite. She takes the evidence to Mary who denies her father would ever take a street substance. However, she might be forced to confront him next week.

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