The Special Message That Is Conveyed By Kamala Harris’ Election To Vice President Of The United States


Kamala Harris has become a massive inspiration for a large number of reasons, but with her election as the next Vice President of the United States there is a special message attached…

Kamala Harris has been breaking down barriers her entire life. With her historic win to be the next Vice President of the United States, there was a very special message that is conveyed. This post was actually inspired by a couple of tweets by her niece, Meena. One of them is this one:

[Credit: @meenaharris – Twitter]

The second one is this one:

[Credit: @meenaharris – Twitter]

The inspiring message that Kamala’s election is telling us is that it is possible for women, especially women of colour to achieve their goals. This also shows that politics is not just a career for men to succeed in. It is an environment for everyone.

This is also backed up again by Meena. She posted the following video of her eldest daughter saying she wanted to be president and an astronaut when she was older:

[Credit: @meenaharris – Twitter]

If people didn’t see Kamala as inspirational before this video, they will now. She is telling the next generation that she could be president some day. She’s one hundred percent correct. Kamala has even stressed that just because she is the first woman to be Vice President, doesn’t mean she’ll be the last.

In saying this, Kamala is also inspirational for another reason. She is a part of a blended family. While she does not have children of her own, she considers her stepchildren, Ella and Cole as her own. They call her Momala as they all hated the term, ‘stepmother’. She is also close friends with Ella and Cole’s mother. As evidence to this, in her victory speech, she refers to Ella and Cole as ‘our children’ as she was also referencing her husband, Doug in the same sentence.

To top it off, she is a big sister to Meena’s mother, Maya and is great-auntie to Meena’s two little girls.

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