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Justin Bieber Launches Legal Action

legal action

With #MeToo back trending on Twitter, we need to talk about what it means and why Justin Bieber is launching legal action against Twitter users who have accused him of sexual assault.

[Caution! This article contains discussion about sexual assault]

Editor’s Note: Since this story went out in 2020, the tweets featured in this post have been deleted from Twitter which is why they’re not showing up in the post.

Say what you want about Justin Bieber but he is one of the few celebrities who have actually attempted to clear his name. The singer (and husband of Hailey Baldwin) has been accused of sexual assault by two Twitter users. This has lead him to launch legal action against his accusers.

Bieber who has tried to prove his innocence has posted legit receipts including where he was when the alleged assaults went place. We don’t see other people like Kevin Spacey come out with evidence.

According to the Variety article we linked above, the celebrity is best known for his song, Baby (ugh!) does not stand for sexual assault and is doing everything he can to clear the air.

Fame Seekers?

Bieber’s lawsuit accuses the user, ‘Kadi’ of seeking fame and in a lot of ways he was right. If you look at the pinned tweet on her Twitter account which is the following:

[Credit: @ItsnotKadi – Twitter]

She wants fame and the screenshot another Twitter user posted in regards to the Justin Bieber legal action is proof of that. Scroll down to the ‘Ana’ part of the tweet:

[Credit: Twitter]

Bieber’s lawyers say that Kadi is a massive Belieber who was desperate to meet him and wanted his attention. Well, she has it now as she is being threatened with a $10million lawsuit! If Danielle is a real person – her account has been deleted – she too is involved in the legal action and will also have to pay $10million.

According to the People article (linked above) and Bieber’s legal representation, Kadi knew about Danielle’s tweet, posts, whatever before they were posted and could’ve gotten a fan photograph with him. Also, she could have waited outside his hotel. However, we’re not here to judge the victim or take Justin’s side. That’s not what we’re doing.

There is a level of truth and fabrication and we’re not getting involved with the mess that this spill sesh is becoming. It’s become a massive she said, he said and the evidence will speak for itself.

We Believe….Not Getting Involved

Who do we believe? Justin and his legal action or ‘Kadi’ and ‘Danielle’? Like we’ve mentioned, we are NOT getting involved. While people are always saying that you have to believe the victim over the allegedly perpetrator, there’s always two sides to a story.

We’ve said this a lot, but there are people out there who will manipulate a certain narrative to get what they want. If Kadi is lying and if we add her previous tweets that perceive her as a Justin Bieber fanatic, than there’s a massive issue to be addressed here.

Then, there’s the whole Justin side of the argument. Did he do it, despite the evidence he has presented? As we’ve said, evidence speaks for itself and not to mention, Bieber’s ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez has been mentioned numerous times. She’s always been truthful about almost everything in her life. However, as far as we know she hasn’t come out with a statement is remaining out of the narrative completely.

However, she has come out and said that her now-married ex was emotionally abusive towards her which he has admitted to. Adding to this, he has said that he didn’t respect women as a teenager. The alleged assaults of ‘Danielle’ and ‘Kadi’ happened in 2014 and 2015. Bieber was 20 and 21 at the time. He wasn’t a teenager then.

Then there’s a tweet that ‘Kadi’ put out in 2015 that says she had a dream that she went to prison because of Justin.

The Selena Alibi

[Credit: Glamour]

Is Justin pressuring Selena to come forward to defend him? Possibly. In his recount (complete with “evidence”), he names her six times in his series of tweets. Why should she defend a guy who abused her?

While she probably told Justin to go screw himself, Selena has put that part of her life behind her and shouldn’t have to defend him. Just because he is pursuing legal action against the allegations that have been levelled towards him.

Fans are understandably pissed that Bieber is using Gomez as a scapegoat. We’re definitely NOT defending the meatbag. We’ve never liked him as an artist or as a person as we see him as self-centred and downright bizarre. That’s not attractive to us in the slightest. Why girls fall all over him is not something we’re EVER going to understand. We sincerely hope that Selena continues to ignore him.

#MeToo Is For Legitimate Victims

When the #MeToo movement began, it was just the beginning of weeding out power-hungry dirtbags who harassed innocent people sexually. One of those egotistical maniacs was heavyweight producer and now convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein. Dozens of women came forward with their own allegations. He is currently serving 23 years in prison for his crimes.

While it’s understandable why a load of women didn’t speak up sooner about Weinstein, he has never denied not having forced sex with some of them. However, he never called it ‘rape’. He claimed he did have relations with some of his alleged victims but it was consensual which is bull and he knows it. We’re not sticking up for the d-hole in the slightest as the guy was always seedy.

Superfans can either be one of two things. The first would be a massive annoyance and almost stalkerish while the second is a simple fly on the wall and not a big deal as they know their place. This ‘Kadi’ chick seems to be in the number one category as a stalker.

She made tweets (see above) where she is not shy about her obsession with wanting Bieber. We’re not saying she’s lying but if you go through her timeline, it’s pretty obvious that she’d do anything to get what she wants. We wish her *sarcastic* luck in having to pay $10million for damages.

It’s also people like Kadi and Danielle that make it difficult for real rape and assault victims to come out and reveal what happened to them. Many fear they won’t be believed which is why many of Weinstein’s victims didn’t reveal their abuse for years. He could’ve literally destroyed their careers.

Bieber Doesn’t Get Off The Hook For His Own Behaviour Though

We know from Selena’s recount of her on-off relationship with Justin that he emotionally abused her. This behaviour is NOT okay and should always be called out. Yes, we’ve never liked him, but we would never want anything bad to happen to him. Sexual assault allegations are very serious and he knows that. We doubt Hailey would’ve married him if he didn’t take things like this seriously.

If he did rape those girls then he should be tried and thrown in prison with Weinstein. However, if he can provide enough evidence that he did nothing wrong then so be it. As they say, innocent until proven guilty.

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