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The Bold And The Beautiful: Quinn Tries To Justify Why She Tried To Destroy Bridge While Zoe And Zende Get To Know Each Other


Sorry, Quinn but you simply cannot justify what you did. It was a betrayal and Eric wants you gone! Ding dong, the witch is gone! Meanwhile, Zende and Zoe bond and flirt…

There is nothing to justify when it comes to Quinn’s machinations. She is pure evil and is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and we mean that literally. Eric is now seeing the light as to who his beloved wife truly is and fingers crossed that he sends her packing. Ooh! How the mighty has truly fallen! Ha! She deserves everything that is coming her way!

Eric needs someone who is not going to be jealous of his relationship with Brooke. Can we just say that Donna would be the perfect candidate? She calls him ‘Honey Bear’ and she doesn’t scheme against people or try to kill them. Our favourite Logan sister also doesn’t care about money. We’ve talked about this before but for a different storyline.

Reap What You Sow, Quinn!

The look on Quinn’s face as Eric blasted her for getting involved with destroying was so good! If we had popcorn, we’d be devouring it! She deserved everything she got and we do not feel sorry for her.

Eric can no longer look at her in the same way he once did. We also loved that he called Quinn out for not thinking about his feelings and how her hatred for Brooke fuelled her actions. One hundred percent correct! She only thought about herself and how she wanted her rival gone.

How can you justify hating someone has much as Quinn hates Brooke when you’re only going to hurt a dozen other people? By inserting Shauna into the mix, it was only going to get messy when the whole plan backfired. Not to mention, how are Wyatt and Flo going to react when they learn what their mothers did? Their relationship is going to be tested because of their loyalties.

Will Quinn want revenge on Shauna for allowing their plan to unravel? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, At Forrester Creations…

We jump back into the design office where Carter continues to welcome back Zende with open arms while he is acquainted with Zoe. We’re so glad he’s back, but we learned in yesterday’s episode that he and Nicole split up and she’s still in Paris.

Zoe brings this up too after Carter leaves to tend to Brooke and Ridge. However, Zende doesn’t want to talk about the breakdown of his marriage to Nicole. This is just as sketchy as what happened between Maya and Rick where nothing was explained.

With Carter out of the office, Zoe and Zende flirt it up. Ah… what about your new man, Miss Buckingham? Anyway, they talk about what happened with Thomas which the young designer heard about while he was in Paris. News travels fast, huh?

It was made apparent yesterday that Zoe and Zende followed each other social media but hadn’t crossed paths physically until he returned to Los Angeles to be with his family. There is no doubt that his grandfather is going to be very happy to see him. Perhaps some time together will help them both heal.

How Will Quinn Justify Her Actions To Wyatt… If It Happens?

Quinn is going to have a lot of explaining to do. There is no doubt that the people at Ridge and Shauna’s re-do wedding were confused when she said there was going to be no ceremony. Two of those guests were Wyatt and Flo.

Now that Eric knows what his wife did, how she going to explain this her son? Will she justify it as getting even with Brooke? With Quinn, anything is possible. Will Wyatt blame his mother for the breakdown of her own marriage? Only time will tell.

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