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The Bold And The Beautiful: Julius Shows Up To Give Zende… Fatherly Advice?


Julius Avant has always been a touchy character. He was either on the side of his daughters or he wasn’t. Not to mention, he had his views on certain subjects like Maya being transgender…

Zende gets the shock of his life when his former father-in-law, Julius Avant shows up. We mentioned in a post yesterday that the young Forrester designer would get a surprise visitor. With that said, we laid out a list of potential candidates; Maya, Nicole, Julius, and Zoe’s sister, Paris.

Turned out the B&B Fandom site was in fact, right. It was Julius who called in for a… friendly chat with his former son-in-law. We have to say it was not as terrible as originally thought.

Before we launch into the mainframe of the post we just wanted to give a bit of information on Julius for all those new readers to the blog and to The Bold and the Beautiful in general.

How Did Julius Fit Into The Story Before Now?

For those newbies to Bold, here’s the cliffnotes version of Julius Avant.

Julius is a traditional type of guy who scoffs at things that ‘aren’t normal’. However, he has made his own mistakes. One of those is cheating on his beloved wife Vivienne around the time she was got pregnant with their second child, daughter Nicole.

The affair Julius had resulted in the birth of his third child, Sasha Thompson who was raised alongside Nicole as a ‘surrogate’ sister, who at the time didn’t know the truth.

With Vivienne, Julius had a son, Myron who at a young age came out as transgender and became Maya. The patriarch saw this as ‘unnatural’ and cut his firstborn off, much to the devastation of his wife and Nicole who had no memories of having a brother.

Eventually, Julius became the target of blackmail when Sasha revealed she knew that he was her father and that she would keep his secret but only if he acknowledged her as his daughter like he did with Maya and Nicole. He refused at first and it ended up with Vivienne learning the truth that her husband had been unfaithful to her.

Julius is known to be increasingly stubborn and fixed in his ways. He didn’t want Nicole to act as Rick and Maya’s surrogate and didn’t want her to intern at Forrester Creations. However, he was forced to live with the idea that his daughters could make decisions on their own and didn’t need his approval.

His relationship with Maya was always frosty especially when he refused to acknowledge that she was a transgender woman. He also didn’t want her to marry Rick. Not to mention, he flat out did not want Nicole to marry Zende and vowed never to accept him.

What’s Changed?

The last few years have likely changed Julius and the way he thinks about certain things. Vivienne was always accepting of their daughters and already thought of Sasha as one of her own, even after learning she was her stepdaughter.

Seeing Nicole marry Zende and see how much they loved each other would’ve been enough for him to reconsider some of his views. He also got to know his daughter’s husband to the point that he has great respect for him now. This is evident when Eric mentions a conversation he had with Julius on the golf course.

Fast forward to now and Julius is now standing in the design office talking with him and viewing him with the respect he should’ve given him a long time ago. What really touched our hearts is how he referred to Zende as ‘his son’. This is a massive turn around from what we saw of their relationship previously.

We can see that Julius is really trying to be a father figure to Zende and we love it. Sure, he has his father, Tony who lives in Florida, but having someone else who can fill that role who is local and is not his grandfather or uncle is really nice too.

Will Julius’ Advice Push Zende To Take Zoe From Carter?

It’s obvious that Zende has a crush on Zoe. But, she’s taken by Carter but she feels a pull towards him too. So, could Julius be influencing the young fashion designer to take what he wants? It looks that way, but will it break his friendship with Carter?

Carter has always been a loyal friend to the Forrester family and he’s been unafraid to voice his opinion on certain things. One example of this is would be everything that went down Ridge and Shauna. He could see that they were not meant to be together and gave his his advice.

He’s also been a close friend to Zende but he’s oblivious to the fact he too has feelings for Zoe. This is going to be one hell of a fight. But, will the advice Julius gave his former son-in-law work in his favor?

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