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Prince Harry Said He Didn’t Know How To Get Help For His Mental Health, But He Speaks To Princess Diana’s Friend Julia Samuels Who Is A Psychotherapist All The Time

Julia Samuels

Looks like Prince Harry knew exactly where to get help for his and Meghan’s mental health; his late mother’s friend, Julia Samuels…

Prince Harry told one hell of a lie during the Oprah interview. He claims that he didn’t know how to get mental health help for wife.This comes from the comment that she alleges to be suicidal while pregnant with son, Archie. He helped brother William and sister-in-law, Catherine form Heads Together which so happens to be deal with mental illness. Also, the former actress’ mother, Doria Ragland is a mental health counsellor. Turns out the Duke of Sussex fibbed about his own therapy. On Twitter, user @summersparks56 found an interesting passage which mentions Julia Samuels, an old friend of his late mother, Princess Diana:

[Credit: @summersparks58]

Julia Samuels is a Psychotherapist who has been working with Prince Harry in order to help him cope with his mental health struggles. In the interview, Meghan claims to have spoken to one of Diana’s friends, though she didn’t name who it was. It’s possible Julia was the one she was referring to. Though, one thing doesn’t sit right.

Why didn’t Harry take Meghan to Julia Samuels to begin with if this was the case? Sure, he said he was all but ashamed to admit that his wife needed help, but there’s a lot of thing here that aren’t adding up. Now, we’re not here to say that they’re making their mental health issues up. We believe that but how is it that they talk about not knowing or being able to get help when they quite literally worked with Heads Together and other mental health organisations?

Also, there is no way the palace would sweep something as important as mental health for the royals under the rug. If they did nothing then it would be a repeat of what happened with Princess Diana throwing herself down the stairs whilst she was pregnant with William.

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