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DC Fandome: The Rock Reveals Justice Society Lineup For Black Adam

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DC Fandome is finally here and we’re excited to learn all the new movie news that is coming for the DC Universe. First up, we have the JSA (Justice Society) lineup for The Rock’s Black Adam movie.

For fans of DC Comics, the Justice Society of America (JSA) has been a big staple for years. Seen as the precursor to the Justice League or as something else entirely, it has been known for some time that the group would appear in Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam for some time. However, the lineup has changed on and off since the initial announcement was made.

If you’re a fan of the new television series Stargirl, you’ll know the Golden Age of the JSA consisted of:

  • Starman
  • Doctor Mid-Nite
  • Alan Scott’s version of Green Lantern
  • Wildcat
  • Hourman
  • Hawkman
  • Hawkgirl
  • Johnny Thunder
  • Jay Garrick’s version of The Flash
  • Sandman
  • Doctor Fate

Black Adam’s JSA

However in Black Adam, we’re going to see another version of the JSA. From what was revealed at DC Fandome, we’ll get big screen versions of:

  • Atom Smasher
  • Hawkman
  • Doctor Fate
  • Cyclone

This is according to GamesRader.

Unconfirmed Characters

If we are to believe what the Black Adam page on the DCEU Fandom Site says, we may be getting the following characters:

  • Inez Nelson (wife of Doctor Fate host Kent Nelson)
  • Adrianna Tomaz/Isis (wife of Teth-Adam/Black Adam)
  • Chay-Ara/Shiera Sanders/Hawkgirl (wife of Hawkman)
  • Nabu

These characters were not mentioned in the Black Adam DC Fandome panel. We should also point out that they chose very carefully what to reveal. There may be a reveal later down the line when they start filming. For all we know, there may be first look at them in a trailer.

Whatever the case, we cannot wait to see how they translate to the big screen. If they do appear, it would put the Legends of Tomorrow versions of Hawkgirl and Adrianna Tomaz (Zari in the Arrowverse) to shame.

In conclusion, Stargirl was rumored to have been part of the lineup, but has since been removed given there is now a television show. This would’ve been so cool to see.

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