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Chronicles Of Harkle: Don’t Get On The Wrong Side Of Journalism, Harry and Meghan


Sorry, Omid Scobie but your girl, Meghan is in a deep hole that she’s not going to be able to climb out of. She can cry foul of the royal family and claim they are making up false stories about her and Harry, but journalism was invented to get to the bottom of everything. The practice has been going on for over a century and it’s not about to end now. The Duchess of Sussex should just admit defeat now. She hasn’t been vilified like she claims. Respected journalists Valentine Low, Dan Wootton, and Rebecca English have gone out of their way to expose the true toxicity that is the Prince Harry and his wife.

For two years, Wootton and English have been told that their reporting was false and misleading. Now, people are finally saying ‘Yeah, you were right’. *insert facepalm emoji here*.

English said in a lengthy article for the Daily Mail that she saw a lot of what was going on when she went on tour with the Sussexes. She even saw an aide in Fiji sitting in an official car crying from the trauma she had suffered at the hands of the Sussexes or mostly, Meghan. She even referred to the group of brave souls who have come out about their experiences as ‘The Sussex Survivors Club’. Accurate, I know.

Meghan And Harry Attack The Royals And The Talkings To They Endured

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[Credit: Teen Vogue]

In just the last few hours, an article has popped up, also from the Daily Mail where it is alleged that Meghan has taken a swipe at her in-laws, Catherine, Camilla, and Prince Charles for ‘leaking’ information to the press about her. This goes to show how paranoid she and Harry are to be portrayed in the best light possible.

They believe they are god’s gift to the world when in reality, they are simply spineless hypocrites who can’t take accountability for their disgusting actions. Prince Charles has since allegedly cut his youngest son and second daughter-in-law off from receiving money, according to

Rebecca English has said in her lengthy piece that Harry “wears his heart on his sleeve”. No doubts there. She goes on to say that he, at first, tried to pacify the situation with his then-fiancée, now wife and told her to behave. This matches up to all the stories that came out back in the day about wht occurred on the Australian tour where Lady Cosgrove spoke to Meghan about her mistreatment of her staff. Same applies to how Catherine told her sister-in-law to respect those who work for them. The Queen allegedly also had a word with her.

However, as time went on the preparations for the wedding progressed, Harry became ‘hostile’ towards staff. So, in a nutshell, he became a walking copy of Meghan.

The Quitting Staff

[Credit: Daily Mail]

We’ve known the identities of some of the staff that quit for a while. As far as we know, ten people left the service of the Sussexes; eight of whom are in the image above by the Daily Mail. According the publication, two nannies quit within weeks of starting, one after the other. One of these people is Jason Knauf, whom was the communications chief for Harry and Meghan when the alleged bullying took place.

It is believed that Knauf quit after Prince Harry begged him not to follow up on the allegations against his beloved. The staff quit include as per the Daily Mail and other sources:

  • Katrina McKeever – Senior Communications Secretary
  • Natalie Campbell – Charity Director
  • Amy Pickerell – Private Secretary
  • Jason Knauf – Communications Secretary
  • Samantha Cohen – Private Secretary
  • Two Unnamed Female Bodyguards
  • Melissa Toubati – Personal Assistant
  • Two aforementioned Nannies
  • Samantha Carruthers – Head of HR

Why Would The Times Say Something That Isn’t True And Risk Their Reputation As a Credible Publication?

[Credit: The Drum]

Now, I want to reach out to all the Meghan Markle/Prince Harry stans out there who might be reading this. Why would The Times which is a credible newspaper sacrifice its reputation for the sake of discrediting the Sussexes? Yes, Kensington Palace fucked up in keeping a lot of things silent, but they had to because of Non-Disclosure Agreements which, if I’m honest, should be broken if someone is being harassed and bullied.

The newspaper has been around since 1785 which is a LONG time to exist. It’s not like it was a case of he said-she said. Jason Knauf was smart enough to keep a digital record via emails from around that time. Now, before all you Sugars go, ‘Lies! It’s all fabricated to smear Meghan and Harry’s good names!’ Is it though?

Jason Knauf is a highly respected man. He worked with Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and now works for their Royal Foundation, according to Independent. He doesn’t need to make stuff up. If he was untrustworthy, he would’ve been fired.

Going back to the professionalism of the journalism that comes out of The Times, they wouldn’t put their good name on the line just to get people to read their paper. They have evidence like Mr Knauf’s emails to Simon Case who worked for Prince William as their proof.

Prince William Encouraged People To Speak Out

[Credit: Marie Claire]

According to Richard Kay of the Daily Mail, when the allegations of Meghan bullying the staff reached William he was absolutely appalled. So, the Duke of Cambridge knew what was going on and this ultimately resulted with the household being split very quickly.

It’s obvious William was concerned about what was going on. This may explain why he ignored his sister-in-law when she tried to talk to him at an event. He proceeded to play with his scarf. At the time this footage came to light, he was accused of not liking her. However, if I think back on it, it suddenly makes sense.

Now, there is a massive difference between the Cambridges and the Sussexes. William and Catherine treat their staff with respect. You’ll occasionally hear of a staff member leaving either to go to a new job or to retire. Harry and Meghan, however, have lost so many due to their bad behaviour. I saw the most outrageous comment alleged made by the pair this morning. They thought they had been good bosses and the people who quit were ‘happy and comfortable’.

How can they say this when staff were quitting in quick succession?

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