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Babes Against Bullshit: Joss Whedon Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Direct Any Project With Women In A Lead Role And Addressing Gal Gadot’s Statement


Gal Gadot is known for her professionalism and for taking a diplomatic approach to various situations. While promoting the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984, the actress behind Diana Prince has revealed that she was forced to report Justice League reshoots director, Joss Whedon to the higher ups at Warner Brothers.

This comes off the back of Ray Fisher’s allegations that Whedon was unprofessional and that Geoff Johns and Jon Berg abused their power. However, this Babes Against Bullshit post is not about that drama. This is about what Gal Gadot had to say and my view on Joss Whedon, which just for the record is not pretty.

I also wanted to dive into how Whedon views himself and how other women look at him. Now, before any Whedon fans jump down my throat, this post is written based on obvious evidence and from a piece written by Kai Cole, the director’s ex-wife.

Whedon Over Sexualises His Female Actors

[Credit: Entertainment Weekly]

It’s been known in Hollywood for years that Joss Whedon is a man with an eye for making women overly sexualised in his projects. He is a self-proclaimed feminist who treats the opposite sex like trash.

Joss’ ex-wife, Kai Cole published an essay with The Wrap in 2017 which detailed his cheating ways during their sixteen year marriage. She also stated that it always made her overly uncomfortable to all the attention he gave the women he worked with.

Sarah Michelle Gellar, who starred in Buffy the Vampire Slayer as the titular role had differing views on Season 6 and the character’s development. The story for the season became sinister which included a sexual relationship almost resulting in rape, as per Entertainment Weekly.

When looking at Whedon and his track record of sexualising female characters, look no further than Natasha Romanov in the first two Avengers films.

[Credit: Vox]

In the first two Avengers movies, Natasha Romanov is reduced to nothing more than being a sexy assassin in a black bodysuit. Also, she is made sterile in Age of Ultron which is a Whedon addition. In the comics, Black Widow had a stillborn daughter.

Whedon makes female characters believe they are weak. In the two Avengers films, Nat says that she is a ‘monster’ because of her inability to conceive. Also, the director has a habit of having her jumpsuit zipped down so her cleavage is showing. This is changed in later films as evident in Infinity War and Endgame.

[Credit: The Indian Express]

In the first image above, you can see Nat’s jumpsuit is zipped down, but not so that cleavage shows. As evident in the second, she is wearing the same time suit as the others. No variation is used for her or Nebula.

Abandoning Batgirl

[Credit: mxdwn Movies]

It was announced in 2017 that Whedon would be directing a movie based on Batgirl. A few months later in February 2018, he left the project. He originally was going to direct and write the film according to Variety. Christina Hodson who wrote Birds of Prey and Bumblebee was hired to pen the screenplay after Joss’ departure. However, there is still no director.

Had Whedon continued with the project, he would have turned the movie into something that would’ve disgraced the character. In the comics, Barbara Gordon goes through a lot. This includes being assaulted by the Joker during The Killing Joke which leaves her paralysed. She also has her heart broken several times.

Whedon would’ve made Barbara appear weak and would have her use her sexuality to get what she wants. A character as unique as the various versions of Batgirl should be treated with the same respect Batman and all the male iterations of Robin. He wouldn’t have done this and it shows with how he treated Gal on set.

Whedon Has No Respect For Someone Else’s Project

[Credit: BingePost]

Justice League was Zack Snyder’s project. He was forced to step down prior to reshoots due to a family tragedy. This prompted Warner Brothers to bring in Joss Whedon to complete reshoots. However, he didn’t complete them. He reshot a large majority of the film. It is basically the reverse of what happened with Solo where the directors were fired six weeks before the end of filming.

Whedon reshot scenes he didn’t like (which was most of the movie) and edited the film his way. Snyder’s name was then slapped in the director’s place during the credits.

When it comes to someone else’s film, don’t mess with it. That is the whole reason the Snyder Cut movement became one of the most talked about subjects on social media. People hated what Whedon did with the movie and wanted Zack Snyder’s vision to play out in full.

Back To The Issue At Hand: Gal Gadot’s Experience With Whedon

[Credit: Entertainment Weekly]

Earlier this week, Gal Gadot spoke out about the Ray Fisher situation while promoting Wonder Woman 1984. Now, I want to address the question of why she didn’t come out sooner to address the allegations against Whedon. We’ll get to that in a moment.

We know Gal was interviewed by WarnerMedia while they were investigating Fisher’s claims as per 9Honey. However, she did not mention anything about producers Jon Berg, Geoff Johns or Walter Hamada. It is alleged Johns threatened Fisher’s career at some point. This has not been backed up by anyone. Now, the main focus of the whole thing is Joss Whedon.

Fisher’s claims include unprofessional behaviour by Whedon, Berg, and Johns. However, Whedon is believed to have been the main instigator. Gadot backs this up by saying in her interview that she became a target too. She did not bring up at the others who were allegedly involved in the misconduct.

Now, Gal is well known for putting hot shot male directors in their place. She reportedly did not want Brett Ratner anywhere near Wonder Woman 2. Gadot allegedly went to Warner Brothers and told them she did not want any association with the disgraced director and his production company RatPac Entertainment.

Just for clarification, Dune Entertainment which was one of the companies involved with the first Wonder Woman is associated with RatPac Entertainment and they are known together as RatPac-Dune Entertainment, according to CinemaBlend. This came in 2017 after the success of Wonder Woman when bullying and sexual assault allegations were levelled against Ratner by at least a half a dozen women.

Did Gal Do To The Right Thing?

[Credit: The Times of Israel]

Did Gal do the right thing in coming forward when she did in regards to Joss Whedon? It really depends on your definition. In my opinion, she had her reasons for speaking out when she did.

Whether she couldn’t speak out straight away because of business reasons is unclear. The goal was not to throw anyone under the bus except Whedon. If she had issues with Johns and/or Berg she would have said something.

Does this make her a hypocrite for speaking out much later than she should have? No, I don’t think it does. She did it strategically. She even said that she is pleased Fisher spoke out about his truth. Note the keyword here; his. She never used ‘the’. She even said that she had no interactions with Ray during reshoots on Justice League so she can’t say whether his claims are true. Anyone who knows her work ethic knows that she would not do something unless necessary and there is proof.

She waited until the investigation was over before she spoke up because of reasons known only to her. It should have nothing to do with anyone but those she’s surrounds herself with. Gal has faced down a powerful director before and she will do it again.

Not A Feminist

[Credit: Empire]

A man like Joss Whedon should not be allowed to get away with treating women like something he can ogle whenever he chooses. He is not a feminist and the treatment his ex-wife received during their marriage is proof of that.

When it comes to his female-led projects, every woman working with him needs to watch their backs. He could single them out. I’m not saying he’s a predator by any means, but he has a reputation. Kai confirmed it in her essay.

Production companies work with Whedon due to his success, which is fair. However, they have to watch out for the people working under him as well. If the WarnerMedia investigation is any indication, he screwed up big time. What his fate is going forward, I cannot say, but I would not want to be in his shoes.

A true man respects women and doesn’t have them flaunt their chests. They also see the opposite sex as equals and treats them the same way their male colleagues are.

Women Do Not Owe Joss Whedon Anything

[Credit: Entertainment Weekly]

Now, I know there will be a load of Whedon fans who will likely read this and go, “But Joss Whedon, practically handed a load of women their careers.” No, he ddid’t. Not really. Now, before you argue with me, just listen.

Whedon is like a load of men in Hollywood. Look at Harvey Weinstein as a prime example. Joss is nowhere near that level, but his view of women is pretty high up there. If you want to idolise a man who degrades a woman by making her wear skimpy clothing on screen but is then shown being ‘weak’ because she cannot bear children, then you have a pretty warped sense of reality.

The women who have become big names from his projects did the hard work themselves. They never needed him to succeed. Sarah Michelle Gellar would have still gotten her gigs in the two Scooby-Doo movies, Cruel Intentions, Ringer, and The Crazy Ones.

Joss Whedon does not make women famous. They make themselves famous for putting in the hard yards.

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